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Southeast woman shaves her head to support grandson battling cancer

Betty Jack recently had her head shave by Travis Benner, who has been battling Stage 4 cancer.

MANOR - All families hate to hear that a loved one has cancer, and this was no different for Betty Jack when she heard this dreadful disease had hit her family.

Travis Benner of Manor is a 36-year-old family man. He is married to Tiarah Benner, who is Betty Jack’s granddaughter. They have three children. Their sons are Huxton, age three, and Kove, 2, and they have a six-week-old daughter Layklen.

Early in 2023, Travis Benner was having some health issues but did not seek medical attention as he did not want to miss work or worry his family.

Soon it became apparent that he needed to see a doctor as the situation became worse.

The first doctor felt he had Crohn’s or colitis, but the family was not satisfied with this answer, so they sought a second opinion.

Further testing was done with an ultrasound, CT scan and more blood work. Within a few days they received the news that Benner had stage 4 cancer in his lungs, liver and colon. A whole different journey was soon to begin for the young family.

He was diagnosed in May 2023 and shortly afterwards Benner and his wife found out she was pregnant with their third child.

Benner began his chemotherapy every other week, travelling to Estevan from their home.

During the weeks of his treatment, he must first go for blood work and then treatment the following day. He is then sent home, with what is called a baby bottle attached. When this is empty, he needs to go to Arcola and have it removed. Benner then has one week off before it starts all over again. This treatment will continue for an exceedingly long time.

It was not and is not an easy task with three young children, but Benner, through all of this, did not want to ask for help or let others think that help was needed.

Friends and family set up a GoFundMe account for the family that raised $10,000, but this drained quickly with the many trips to Estevan.

Tiarah’s grandmother, Betty Jack from Carlyle, was out visiting the family when she overheard them talking about expenses. She simply says that Travis is her grandson and a big part of the family.

They do receive small financial assistance, but this does not cover costs such as insurance, taxes or anything extra.

The family wants to be able to make memories with the kids, but this is an extra cost, so when the funds are available, they try to get away to enjoy life, in between treatments.

Jack has had her own struggles in life and knows firsthand how difficult it can be.

Jack was committed to shaving her head when she raised $1,000 for her grandson and family. The fundraising began on Jan. 19 and by Jan. 23 she had raised $2,720.

“It breaks my heart to see them go through this,” said Jack. “Besides, I needed a haircut.”

On Jan. 24, Jack drove to the Benner home in Manor and had her grandson shave her head. He would not shave her bald and left a little length.

When Benner received the funds, they were pretty happy.

Benner's grandmother Edna is very thankful for all the support this young family has received, and grateful to those who have helped them out, as she said, every little bit helps.

Anyone who wishes to help this family through this challenging time can contact Betty Jack and she will make sure the funds go to the family.

Jack is thankful for all those who donated to help her raise this much money and help her family.