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A busy day at Carlyle's landfill for 90-year-old employee

Landfill gate manned by 90-year-old employee
Carlyle landfill employee
Dave McDonnell is a long-time employee of Carlyle's landfill.

CARLYLE - It was no fee day at the Carlyle Transfer Station this past Saturday, and the Carlyle location was extremely busy.

The landfill is located two kilometres north of Carlyle.

Long-time Town of Carlyle employee Dave McDonell said, “I have manned the gate at this landfill for nearly 20 years. I like the job and it keeps me busy. I really enjoy talking to the people.”

McDonell turns 91 in April 2022 and enjoys good health. He has been a fixture at the landfill for many years and a lot of people know him. The Carlyle transfer station is now on winter hours and is open from 1-4 p.m. Mondays and Saturdays.