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A new kind of currency

There's a move afoot in town to create a system of local currency.

There's a move afoot in town to create a system of local currency. Though I still am far from clear on all the details, the idea is to boost the economy of our city by keeping more Powell River Money (PRM) circulating within the boundaries of our isolated geographic territory. Rather than digging into our collective purses for Canadian money, we'd be exchanging PRM for a limited number of goods and services. As the number of individuals, businesses and non-profits participate in the proposed stratagem, the greater the benefit to all concerned. I'm still trying to grasp all the implications but I'm interested. After all, what's not to like about supporting our home town?

The best way to secure the results that matter, however, is summed up in a story Jesus told.

This young man came to find out how he could gain eternal life. Keep all the commandments, Jesus told him. "Which ones?" the seeker replied. Jesus quoted six, including "love thy neighbour as thyself". Thinking he'd aced it, the young man spoke again: "I've kept those since I was a youth - what else?"

Jesus' response struck at the heart of the issue: sell what you have and give it to the poor. With deep sadness the young man turned his back and left "for he had great possessions".

I believe that each of us has a mandate to be part of strengthening and encouraging a safe community. Scripture commands us to pray for those that rule over us and we are to help those in need. There's no question that we are to make wise use of our resources but ultimately the best place to invest is in eternity!