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Alida curling club hosts fundraising bonspiel

Event was dedicated to the memory of a few women who have died from cancer.
From left, the Gnomes with Margaret Peet, Jean Ball, Diane Potapinski and Brenda Junk won a best-dressed team award at a bonspiel in Alida.

ALIDA - Activity was at its fullest at the Alida Curling Rink on Feb. 25 when the Alida Ladies’ Bonspiel Curl for Cancer got underway.

This event was dedicated to local women – Lynette Peet, Lisette Dubuc and Elaine Purves – as they were great supporters of the club. It was also recognized that Feb. 25 would have been Lisette’s birthday and everyone joined in singing a happy heavenly birthday to her.

There were five teams that registered for the one-day, six-end bonspiel and most of the ladies were decked out in their finest costumes. We had hippies, lucky charmers, bush whackers, gnomes and S.A.S.K members. However the best dressed team was presented to the Gnomes.

Everyone enjoyed the special supper of lasagna, pulled pork, a salad bar and dessert, which was well-attended with approximately 110 people who went through the buffet line. The Chinese and silent auctions were extremely successful with winners declared at the end of the evening. A decision was made to donate a portion of the auction proceeds towards the new cancer screening bus.

The Alida Curling Club appreciates all the great support and donations that everyone showed towards their event.

The Alida community extends sincere sympathy to the following families who recently lost a family member: Lawrence and Dot Zelionka on the death of his oldest daughter, Sandra Chandler of Henrietta, Okla., on Feb. 5 at the age of 72; the Laval family on the sudden death of Fred Laval of Redvers on Jan. 26 at the age of 91 while on a Caribbean cruise; the Kolb family on the passing of Ronald Kolb of Carnduff on Feb. 9 at the age of 83; the White families on the sudden death of Steven White of Oxbow on Feb. 18 at the age of 60; and Maureen and Charly Boutin and family on the death of her father Hummer Bartlett of Fort Qu’Appelle on Feb. 19.  

There were a number of friends who joined the Potapinski/Germain family in attending the funeral service for Rita Germain in Carlyle on Feb. 11.

The Breakfast Challenge total has been defeated. On Feb. 12, Kitchen Group 1 served up 68 breakfasts to a great crowd of our faithful supporters, from both home and neighbouring towns, especially Redvers. We surely do appreciate your support. The menu stays the same, the faces may change behind the counter but the service is always spectacular. On Feb. 19, we had Kitchen Group 2 serving up 64 breakfasts, so they almost tied the total. The following week we had Kitchen Group 3 serving up 53 breakfasts. March 5 will have Kitchen Group 4 back at the helm and the question and we’ll see if they break the total.

Act One Productions is very busy working on their production, which is only a few days away. The set is built and decorated, as is the hall itself. Actors are putting the last touches to their lines and antics. Very few tickets are left. The Saturday dinner theater and Friday cocktail night are sold out. Seating is still available for the Thursday cocktail night, while the Sunday matinee is first come, first served and doors open at 1 p.m.

For tickets, call Linda at 306-577-3155.

Menus have been decided upon. Workers have been found and lined up with dates and duties.