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Alida news - good luck to a former resident

Sports Day on June 3 was a success.
Alida Weekly News
Alida News

The Alida community is sorry to see that Bob Harrison has left our little village.

He has lived here for his whole life. At the end of May, he decided to make his new home at Sylvan Lake, Alta. He will be nearer to his children and grandchildren and I’m sure that they all will keep him very busy. Just moving in time for the baseball season to begin, and again I’m sure that Bob will be at every game possible to watch his grandsons. Best wishes to Bob in your new home and enjoy those grandkids.

Despite the fact that most of our farming families were still busy with their seeding operations, the Alida Recreation Board decided to go ahead with the scheduled Sports Day weekend anyway. They would just hold it for one day only on June 3 as there were only two teams that registered.

At approximately 6 p.m.,  the two teams – Team 361 Café and the Big Ballers (Junk pick-up boys) headed for the ball field and began their game. It was quite the game. One should have been there to see it and cheer everyone on to victory. The winner of the game was the Big Ballers. Congratulations to all those who came out to participate and cheer.

They also had a show and shine where a 1988 Cadillac, owned by Jim Boettcher, Tim Cowan’s 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, and a John Deere model L Tractor (from about 1939) owned by Dale Anthony were on display at the skating rink. The board members also had a drink table, and a barbecue was set up at the rink.

This was very well attended and a huge success – those hamburgers were definitely very delicious. Great work, gals. Later in the evening the draw for the barbecue pack was made and the winner of this draw was Tanisha McKinnon. Congratulations Tanisha and enjoy your winnings.

The Alida community extends sincere sympathy to the Madsen family on the death of Lorraine Madsen, who passed away June 3 in Weyburn.