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Alida News - Grand opening for new business

Alida's Rag Bag Store now open
Welcome sign Alida
Welcome to Alida

ALIDA - Congratulations to Rob McWhirter and Brooke Baumgartner on the birth of their son Weston Dean William who arrived safe and sound on August 25/2021. Congratulations to the proud grandparents Wade and Mary Anne McWhirter as well. Enjoy the little fella while you can, they grow up so fast. 

On Wednesday, September 1 the doors opened at the Grand Opening for Alida’s newest business “Alida’s Rag Bag Store” under the ownership of Lee Hepburn. The business will be open every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 – 5:00. Good Luck Lee.

The Alida community extends their sincere sympathy to Jean Ball and family on the death of her husband Garnet who passed away September 3/2021 at the age of 71 years (just two days short of his 72nd birthday). He will always be remembered by his wife, Jean, daughter Candis, sons Aaron, Kenny and Garret and eight grandchildren, as well as numerous other family acquaintances. Condolences are also extended to all family members. A public graveside funeral will be held September 10 at Carnduff Cemetery and fellowship luncheon will follow at Alida Hall. 

Jeff Cowan spent a few hours visiting with his family and friends on September 6 before heading home to Regina.   

The Paralympic Games have now drawn to a close – the closing ceremony was held September 5, another spectacular show to watch. Canada came away from the games with 21 medals – way to go athletes – a great job in representing our country. Hats off to everyone involved.

Oh – oh the Riders blew their Labour Day Classic game against Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sunday, September 5 in Regina. They just weren’t able to make the plays like they should have. Only constellation – is to get even and win the game at the Banjo Bowl game. Go Riders Go. 

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Harvesting is moving right along now and if all continues as is with no further rain and no breakdowns we should be done combining in about a week’s time – Hallelujah. As far as how did the harvest turn out – fairly good considering the dry year we had. Now one can begin the fall work and prepare for next year. Continued good luck to those who haven’t finished with their harvest yet.   

Please remember folks to keep me posted whenever you have news on any happenings that are going on in and around Alida as well as within your own family circle – simply contact me any time, either call 306-443-2496 or text 306-485-8561 or e-mail me at I will be sure to see that it gets into my column. I do appreciate all your input as it does help to make things interesting.