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Carlyle legion members learn more about banner project

Southeast Military Museums will continue to promote banner project
Carlyle Legion banner project
Banners that pay tribute to veterans were on display in Carlyle and other communities last fall.

CARLYLE - Members of the Carlyle branch of the Royal Canadian Legion enjoyed an interesting December meeting and Christmas party.   

One of the very interesting items was a presentation by Craig Bird of Estevan. Bird is the founder of the South East Military Museums (SEMM), president, curator, and the driving force behind it. The SEMM was founded in 2019, with its objectives being the documentation and preservation of the military history and artifacts which are still in existence in the southeast region of Saskatchewan, and to help to ensure that the commitment and sacrifice of those from this area, made during wars in which Canada participated, is remembered and honoured.   

The SEMM is a largely volunteer project, but is a registered charity and has received some funding from the Estevan Legion branch and from Veterans’ Affairs for the banner project.   

The SEMM Banner Project is an exciting way to honour those whose contributions we should never forget. The Banner Project was started in 2021 and was very successful so far. Thirty-five banners were raised in seven communities around the southeast. The seven participating communities were Estevan, Carlyle, Weyburn, Lampman, Stoughton, Redvers and Midale.   

You may have noticed some banners this year honouring veterans from your community. In 2022 the plan is to hang those banners and more at the end of August, to be removed after Remembrance Day.   

The banners, similar to the one of Private Lorne Bell, may be purchased in honour of veterans by family members, employers or Legion branches, and then donated to the Banner Project, or kept by those who purchased them.  If donated, a tax-deductible receipt will be issued for the purchase price, and the banner will be hung for a number of years.   

The purchaser may also choose to keep the banner, however in that case no tax deductible receipt will be issued. There are three levels of contributions available: $200 will purchase a double-sided banner of the veteran to be honoured, $300 will purchase the mounting hardware necessary to mount the banner, and $500 will purchase both the double-sided banner and the mounting hardware.   

If you wish to participate, much more information is available on the South East Military Museum website,, or by emailing the museum at   

The Carlyle branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is planning to participate in the banner Project in 2022 by purchasing banners honouring veterans from Carlyle who may have no living family members, or no family members living in the area.  If you are a family member, or an employer, or used to be an employer, of a veteran, please consider contributing to this important project.