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Carlyle Public Library Hosts Family Literacy Day

Having proof that the stories in your head can lead somewhere can be a game changer.
Corinne Hewitt, Mari Lemieux and Ashley Vercammen are local authors of children’s books.

The Carlyle Public Library had three local children’s authors in their presence on Jan. 28.

Corinne Hewitt, Ashley Vercammen and Mari Lemieux shared their newly-published children’s books with a story reading that enthralled all those in attendance.

Hewitt is a local author who wrote the highly acclaimed children’s book Papa’s Chair in 2021. The story revolves around a young brother and sister who work together, along with Papa’s chair, to help their mama do her chores and learn the days of the week. Hewitt is also the author of four Abbington Pickets novels. 

Seventeen-year-old Lemieux lives in Alida and in June 2023 is graduating from the Oxbow Prairie Horizons School. She plans on attending university to become an elementary school teacher. She presented her novel titled The Sock MoMster. It was inspired by her dad’s extravagant bedtime stories and her mom’s constant reminders to wear matching socks.

Vercammen is the older cousin of Mari and lives in Saskatoon. She is married to Michael and is a registered behavioural technician. She is also the owner of Home Style Teachers. The novel she presented was Haircuts Are No Big Deal. The story is centred around the secret fears of people with sensory sensitivities. 

Vercammen has written six children’s books and has published seven, including her cousin’s.

“I have always had a passion for telling stories and entertaining children. While teaching English online, I struggled to find Canadian children’s books to read to my students due to copyright. My students live in China and have varying language abilities but a similar understanding of these topics.

“Once I started, I found that readers of all ages and language abilities could relate to different parts and enjoyed the conversations it sparked.”

Vercammen’s next book will be launched March 18 at the Saskatoon Family Expo and online at

“Ashley and Mari are my nieces, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Not only are they talented, but along with writers such as Corinne are inspirational,” said Carlyle resident Lorri Matthewson, who is the owner of Matthewson & Co.

”Having proof that the stories in your head can lead somewhere can be a game changer. This was a great event, and, given the questions the young audience asked, it is certain that the authors have walked away with many more ideas. I can’t wait to see what new stories come out of this.”