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Carlyle United Church and Rural Connect have created a spiritual combination

The Carlyle United Church has been part of the Rural Connect program for some of its services.
Carlyle United Church Easter
Rural Connect video system being utilized at the Carlyle United Church.

CARLYLE - Recently the Carlyle United Church has utilized the services of Rural Connect for several of their Sunday worship services.

It is an initiative of the United Church of Canada to help support rural churches and reduce the weekly cost for ministers at its remote locations. On April 17, the Observer attended the Easter Sunday service and talked to spokesperson Lorna Hill about the new program.

The Carlyle United Church is using McClure United in Saskatoon as their hub church. Also on the broadcast were satellite churches from Radville and Abbey/Lancer. On this day, the minister was Debra Berg of McClure United.

Each of the other satellites participated in the sermons, hymns, and prayers. Hill, along with Doug Waldner, is co-chair of the Carlyle church board and was the local contributor on this day.

Said Hill: “Because of lower attendance due to the pandemic and the general decline in overall attendance over recent years, Carlyle United Church cannot afford the services of a full-time minister. Using the Rural Connect satellite service reduces our costs and provides us with a minister-led, interactive service. Reverend Mathias Ross, who now lives in Regina, still plans on coming down once a month to offer an in-person communion service.”

Starting May 1, the Carlyle United Church is utilizing the services of the Town of Carlyle transit van and is offering free transportation to and from service every Sunday. Services are at 11 a.m. with a lunch to follow. Please leave them a message at 306-453-6136 for pickup. Ross will be in attendance that day.

Hill concluded: “With regular weekly services, either live or by Rural Connect, and with the church offering free transportation, we are hopeful our membership will increase in the coming weeks. We have a beautiful facility and one that all of us can be proud of.”




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