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Creighton Lodge residents enjoying activities

Latest news from the residents of Creighton Lodge.
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Creighton Lodge in Estevan

ESTEVAN - November is over and winter has begun. The snow is here and it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas.   

We had to say our final good byes to two residents in November. On Nov. 5, Edith Pierrard passed away. Edith will be remembered for her beautiful smile, the kindness in her voice and her gentle nature. Edith wasn’t at the lodge for very long, but many knew her before and she will be missed greatly.   

Edith was my husband’s grandma and will always be in our hearts as we remember her in our stories and memories.  

Doris Walliser passed away on Nov. 6. A few of us took the SMILE van over to Trinity Lutheran Church for her funeral. Her funeral was a great tribute to a life well lived. Her family played a video that gave us a glimpse into her role as a wife, mother and grandmother; the sound of hearing her voice was so calming. The advice she gave was priceless.    

Doris handed out a few of her painted rocks around the lodge and I was blessed with one that has a butterfly on it, which I will treasure forever.  

We hosted the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation’s tea for seniors on Nov. 19. This tea is normally held at Affinity Place in conjunction with the Festival of Trees celebration, but for the second year in a row we held the event here for our seniors. Dainties and gift bags were provided by the hospital foundation. We raised some money for the hospital and had a great time using our best china tea cups.  

We also used the tea as a time to say goodbye to Adeline Wanner. Adeline and her daughters brought a cake to thank all the staff and residents for being a part of Adeline’s life over the past eight years. We wish Adeline good health in her new home. Coffee visits are already being thought of for the spring.   

The Orpheum Theatre held a private viewing for us on Nov. 24. Once again we jumped on the SMILE van and drove over to the movie theatre. Once we arrived, we made our way into the comfy seats and ordered popcorn, chocolate bars, licorice and some soda pop. Then we settled in to watch the movie, Percy. We enjoyed the movie immensely.  

Some of us even remembered hearing all about the case of the Saskatchewan farmer who took on the giant seed company. Thank you to Jocelyn Dougherty and her staff for ensuring we had a great afternoon out.   

We celebrated one November birthday; Minnie Fleck. We made sure she felt special, since she is the only one at the lodge with a birthday for the month. Minnie’s family brought in a birthday cake on her special day and then we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her.   

Normally we host a Christmas bazaar for the residents to go shopping in our lounge, without having to leave the comfort of their home. This year we decided to hold off on it again, but one of our residents, Sarah Harder, is very crafty. Sarah set up a craft table on Nov. 18 and gave all the residents a chance to buy a few things that she has created.   

We hope to bring back the full shopping experience next year.  

The Olsons sang for us and the Homespun Harmonies were very entertaining. Trinity Lutheran Church came in for communion, Joy Beahm gave us beautiful manicures, which make us feel so beautiful. The library brought in a fresh supply of books to read, provided another session of tech training for seniors and then reminisced with us during reading hour.   

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Joan Wock for her many years of organizing our weekly Bingo games. Joan has handed the reigns over to Bev Holinaty. Bev was already helping Joan for the last year or so, which makes her no stranger to the game of Bingo. Mel Pierson and Irene Dyer have also been helping out at the Bingo games, which we appreciate all of our volunteers so much.   

Thank you to Norma Blackburn and Mel Pierson for coming to serve our cocktails every other Monday. Some of us enjoy a Harvey wall banger, a glass of wine, an ounce or two of our favorite spirit or just a glass of pop. The real treat is getting to visit with our neighbours and friends as we relax in our comfy lounge. Bev Holinaty also filled in for our cocktail hour this month; we are impressed with her many talents.  

We know by the time you read this column it will be almost Christmas time and you will all be very busy. Please take the time to enjoy your loved ones, count your blessings and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone from all of us at Creighton Lodge.    

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