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Earth Day: Explore recycling options in Assiniboia and area

The town of Assiniboia is offering free landfill tipping upcoming May 11 to 15 which allows people a chance to clean up their properties.
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Earth Day, recognized on April 22, is but one day of the year to remind citizens Mother Earth’s protection is in our hands. Reuse yesteryear, recycle the current, save the future.

ASSINIBOIA - Earth Day, recognized on April 22, is but one day of the year to remind citizens Mother Earth’s protection is in our hands. Reuse yesteryear, recycle the current, save the future. What is our role in reduce, reuse and recycle?

The Town of Assiniboia reminds residents of multiple recycling options in the community.

“All TOA facilities have bottle and can recycling bins with the town utilizing drop-and-go options at SARCAN, with the money going back into recreation programming,” said Mayor Schauenberg.

SARCAN reminds Saskatchewan residents in addition to beverage containers they take, people can also include household paints, electronics, and batteries for recycling.

Blue bin curbside recycling program is available to Assiniboia residents, which gets picked up every other week that Loraas Disposal out of Regina collects. This option makes it simpler solution for residents to have their recyclables collected rather than having to physically take and distribute them to different locations.

More details on the TOA’s garbage, compost and recycling can be found on their website.

At present, Assiniboia does not have a household hazardous waste recycling day set aside, but Mayor Schauenberg says this is something she would like to check more into.

“Council just passed a policy to offer rebates to residents who purchase a compost bin and/or rain barrel from a local retailer.”. That policy can be found online at

While the Town of Assiniboia has nothing in place for tire recycling, they do advise people to check with one of the local tire shops for options.

Mayor Schauenberg said to contact one of the mechanic shops or the Southland Co-op Ag Centre for potential used oil recycling options.

The Salvation Army in Assiniboia accepts used clothing and small household items.

The town is offering free landfill tipping upcoming May 11 to 15 which allows people a chance to clean up their properties and tidy their yards as the town encourages recycling and repurposing as much as possible, to help preserve the longevity of the town’s landfill. There will be another fall free landfill tipping day upcoming in October and residents should watch for posters and advertising on these opportunities.

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is a provincial, non-profit organization that works towards a waste-free Saskatchewan. Their efforts support the waste, recycling and composting industry as well as encouraging the development of programs that promote waste reduction. They also educate the public about waste reduction options and opportunities.

Looking at their website, located at, local residents can find a database for a multitude of places and ways to recycle a number of items that may not have a specific drop off location in your home community.

For instance, when one types Assiniboia into the database, it lists five additional recycle sites in addition to curbside recycling, the landfill and SARCAN. Residents can click on each of these listed locations and it will give a details list of what they accept for recycling at their location.

The SWRC database also shows there is a mobile service that travels to Assiniboia. The business Fibrenew, for example, has a mobile service based out of Regina and serves Assiniboia. Their website, located at, said they are a completely mobile service and can come to your home or business to repair, restore and renew damaged leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and upholstery, from household furniture to car seats, restaurant seating and RV and boat interiors.

The SWRC includes a waste reduction hub that includes all options in the province for reusing, recycling, repairing and composting for the user to enter their community and product they are wanting to know about recycling or reusing and the hub directs them to the best response for their inquiry. SWRC also has extensive online resources on home composting on their website.

What can local residents do to help reduce, reuse and recycle? “The biggest piece of advice for communities is to provide simple, clear instructions on what is accepted for recycling and for residents to follow the guidelines and understand that communities can’t handle everything on their lists,” said SWRC.

Networking either in person or on community social media pages can help share tips and tricks of recycling and reusing. A person can also make arrangements for the Diabetes or Community Living truck to make scheduled stops in Assiniboia. Any community or service club can check in with them to see if Assiniboia can be included in these pickups. The website is located at and outlines items that can be included when they are making scheduled community pickups.

Their website does lists a number of locations in Moose Jaw and Regina that have a Diabetes collection bin, although the accepted item list is smaller.

What each person needs to do is take ownership in seeking out answers to what items are accepted and where and how they can be recycled or reused, as it is up to all of us to take part in these practises for our future and the future of generations to come. Refusing to reuse results in an Earth that is abused.

“Recycling is generally a messy process that requires resources to collect, transport and reprocess. Reduction (using less) avoids waste entirely and removes the need to handle it. It is everyone’s responsibility to look for ways to reduce,” said a spokesperson for SWRC.