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Eight skiers get up behind  pontoon boat

A holiday at White Bear Lake proved to be memorable for eight water skiers.

WHITE BEAR LAKE - It was a week of vacation at White Bear Lake for a number of people and I had purchased an extra ski rope on my way to the lake.

I had visions of trying to get seven or eight skiers up this year.  Our boat has pulled up five skiers in the past and I knew our neighbour Rick Perry’s boat could easily pull the same or more.  

I thought we might be able to pull up eight between the two boats.  It turns out that great minds think alike, because I hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Rick about it and one of the kids came and asked me if I wanted to join them, because Rick was offering to try to pull up eight of us on skis.  Of course I jumped at the chance.

Between the Perrys and the Crumps, we assembled enough skis, ski ropes and capable water skiers and loaded them onto Ricks pontoon boat to see if we could do it.  

Brian Crump’s boat followed as a pick-up boat in case we lost some skiers along the way. We started in front of our boathouses on Sandy Beach. 

On the first attempt we lost two skiers but all eight got up on the second try. We made our way to Hotel Beach, looped back past Sandy Beach and we all dropped off in front of Crescent Beach. It was quite the accomplishment considering the rough waters we ended up skiing through.

What great summer lake memories.  Already planning for nine skiers next year.


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