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Emergency Medical Services Week highlights Weyburn paramedics

The job of a paramedic isn’t always easy but can be extremely rewarding.
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Weyburn EMS' Richy Roy showed students about building their own first aid kits, and why each item was needed

WEYBURN - Emergency Medical Services Week happens every year in May. This year, it takes place from May 21 to 27. It’s a perfect time to thank paramedics, EMTs and the entire EMS workforce for their service and sacrifices on the front lines of the healthcare system. The job of a paramedic isn’t always easy but can be extremely rewarding. Here are four qualities that paramedics must possess.

• Thrive under pressure. Paramedics often work in high-stress, life-or-death situations. Therefore, they must be able to stay calm under pressure to effectively administer treatments and make the best decisions for a patient’s health.

• Communicate effectively. Paramedics must be able to communicate with scared, shocked or stressed patients and their family members to provide life-saving support. Paramedics work in a team and must also be able to effectively communicate with dispatch, nurses and other hospital staff.

• Solve problems quickly. Paramedics must react quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. Therefore, they must possess excellent problem-solving skills to evaluate a patient’s condition and quickly determine the best way to treat them.

• Demonstrate empathy. Paramedics constantly handle situations in which patients are experiencing pain, trauma or suffering. Consequently, they must be empathetic and address the needs of their patients in a sensitive and caring manner.

This Paramedic Services Week, take the time to show your support for the important work paramedics do. We featured three members of the Weyburn EMS, in honour of EMS Week.





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