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Family proudly owns electric vehicle

New family proud to be in Carlyle
Carlyle Cooper family
Pictured is the Cooper family with their electric vehicle.

CARLYLE - The Coopers, previously of Estevan, are local pharmacists who are having G.M. Construction build them a new residence at Good Birds Point.

Brad hails from Quill Lake and Michelle is the daughter of Robert & Gisele Carriere of Carlyle. They have two children, Jessica, 11, and Ryan, 9.

In addition to Gisele’s parents, Aime and Rita Gauthier, having a cabin there, Rita’s parents, the Paradis family from Storthoaks, were one of the first cottagers at Good Birds Point. Therefore, the Cooper children are fifth generation residents.

Together with three other partners, the Coopers formed Legacy Pharmacies Inc., which owns and operates pharmacies located in Redvers, Kipling and Candle Lake. Legacy Pharmacies encourages local ownership of their stores by their operators and is actively seeking the acquisition of additional pharmacies across Saskatchewan. 

It has been over three years since Brad and Michelle purchased their first electric vehicle, a 2018 Tesla Model X. Since ownership they have driven 65,000 kilometers, and being fully battery-powered, the only maintenance required has been tires and windshield washer fluid. A full electric charge averages 400 kilometers of range, with their electricity coming from an overnight charge on a 240-volt plug.  

The estimated cost of charging is $15 to $18 per charge, or approximately 4.5 cents per kilometre travelled. More and more charging stations are being built across Canada and there is no doubt the electric vehicle popularity will increase in the coming years.

Teslas are at the premium end of the EV vehicle spectrum but many more models are becoming available at lower price points. When their Model X was purchased by the Coopers, it included a 10-year unlimited mileage battery warranty and free charging at Tesla supercharging stations across Canada.

Locally, the nearest Tesla supercharging station is at Whitewood. Fast charge stations in Weyburn and Estevan should be opening soon.

Said Brad, “Michelle and I are so happy owning an electric vehicle. The positives, be it environment, low operating cost, performance, and the quiet ride, more than offset the negatives, purchase costs and the present limited electric charging infrastructure. Within two years, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a charging station right in Carlyle.” 

 Added Michelle: “At the present time, Tesla and the other automakers can’t keep up with the demand. In fact, Brad and I have ordered a new Tesla CyberTruk which should have a range of 1,000 kilometers. Unfortunately, it won’t be available until 2023.”

The Coopers are also adding solar panels to their new residence which in turn will lower their electricity costs.

It should be noted that General Motors, Ford and other automotive dealers are strongly focusing their efforts on the manufacturing of electric vehicles. There is no doubt that they will become an increasing presence on our highways in the coming years.

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