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Finding quality candidates

Helping with growth, whether you have it or need it
Tracey Fieber Business Solutions
The team at Tracey Fieber Business Solutions are, standing, from left: Kate Johnston, Alma Loveria, Tracy Lewis-Miller, Danielle Evenson and Tracey Fieber. Seated are Aleksandra Szlapacka and Kerri Hayes. Missing are Jordan Fieber, Melanie Glasser (Calgary office).
Estevan – Tracey Fieber Business Solutions of Estevan has grown from a one-person home-based business to a staff of nine and a global clientele from England to New Zealand. About 40 per cent of their business is in the oilpatch. But just what solutions do they offer?

“We help companies with growth, whether you have it or need to grow,” said Tracey Fieber.

They have three areas of specialty – marketing and sales, operations and human resources.

“When we help with growth, it’s in one of those three areas,” she said. “One area puts pressure on the others.”

When things slow down, she noted training and marketing are often cut, yet these things often need to be done as an investment in sales and growth.

“When you stop your marketing, you stop your pipeline of people coming in,” she said.

Marketing supports sales, she noted.

“You have to keep marketing, but streamline. Know what works. If they knew what was working, they wouldn’t cut it. When we’re helping with marketing, we see what works.”
When things have slowed down in your company’s area and field of expertise, one solution is to diversify. That doesn’t mean that a service rig company should start digging ditches.

Rather, it may want to diversify by working in new areas, such as going up north. “There’s still oilfield work happening,” she said.

Tracey Fieber Business Solutions can create customize training packages for companies. Fieber is particularly enthused by the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant program which will pay two-thirds of training costs, up to $10,000, for qualified training that will increase skills and result in a job at the end of it. The training must be offered by a third party, and that’s exactly what Tracey Fieber Business Solutions can offer.

An example might be a six-month sales training program with sessions three to four times a month. Management training is another possibility.
When it comes to hiring, they work with companies, not individuals per se. Tracey Fieber Business Solutions will find quality candidates for companies looking for workers, which includes creating the job description and posting. They’ll screen resumés, shortlist potential candidates and assist with interviews. By working with the company through the interview process, Tracey Fieber Business Solutions will “teach them how to hire,” she said.

This will include reference checks, assessment reviews, an orientation call with new hires, ongoing training and a check-in one month later with both the manager and the employee to ensure things are working out. This might involve some “corrective coaching” for the employee and manager.

While human resources is an important part of their business, they practice what they preach when it comes to being diversified. That’s especially important since Fieber said, “Definitely hiring contracts are on hold.”
Beyond the oilpatch, they work with manufacturers, home improvement, business coaching and training.

When it comes to marketing assistance, some companies need regular assistance as part of a marketing development program. This can include working on Internet search engine optimization, social media strategies, web page design and other areas.
Process automation covering items like invoicing is another field of expertise. Sometimes an objective viewpoint is needed, she noted. Maybe a tablet-based system is a better solution than a paper chase.
Prior to starting Tracey Fieber Business Solutions, Fieber herself worked in the financial industry for 15 years, including eight years as a manager of marketing, operations and human resources with a credit union.
Fieber’s in the process of launching a new book she has authored called Mentoring – A Push In The Right Direction, which will be offered as an ebook as well as in printed form. The book will be for sale, but also used with existing and potential clients as a giveaway.  
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