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Foster kittens make their appearance at the Kipling Library

Foster cats from A+ Animal Rescue paid the library a visit

KIPLING - The Kipling Public Library was the place to be last Wednesday evening if you love cats. A+ Animal Rescue fosters from the area brought several kittens in for a visit.

A total of 20 attended the evening event, with some kids donning cat ears and furry vests to be a little like their furry feline friends.

Although the scheduled event was to begin at 6:30 p.m. librarian Charla Smyth said some were waiting since 5 p.m. in anticipation of the kittens’ arrival.

Each group took their turns at cuddling the cute, furry kittens.

In between taking turns with the kittens, kids made their versions of kitten masks cut out of cardboard and uniquely designed with glitter and glue.

Several books about cats were on display for the kids to read.

Smyth read books all about cats to the youngsters eagerly listening to her every word, especially a book, 100 Different Cats.

Some kids even told stories of their own cats.

After an hour-long visit with the kids the kittens were ready to head for home. They were put back in their cages, most of them ready for a very good sleep.

“This is the best day at the library,” was a comment made by one of the youngsters in attendance after being in the room playing with the cats.

“I was really surprised to see so many teenagers who were interested in this event,” said Smyth. “That was fantastic to see.”

“This was our pilot project but there’s tons of potential to have this again. I would definitely try to have another night like this.”

“I wasn’t sure how many people to expect,” explains Smyth. “It was wonderful to see so many people interested. It was so well attended.”

Maybe you’re unable to foster or adopt a cat, but there are many other ways to help.

Donate your time, cat toys, rags, blankets, litter and cat food and if you’re able, any monetary donations will go a long ways in purchasing these items. Volunteer as a vet appointment driver. Clean kennels for A+ Animal Rescue.

If you‘re willing to help in any way please contact A+ Animal Rescue at