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Kaylie Sali is a dog groomer at Just for Paws

Kaylie Sali has been busy as a pet groomer at Just for Paws.
Pet Groomer Kaylie Sali
A smiling Kaylie Sali with a happily groomed canine by the name of Tia.

CARLYLE - This spring, 23-year-old Kaylie Sali started dog grooming under the experienced tutelage of Just for Paws owner Andrea McEwen. 

Sali obtained her training in Regina from the Apex Academy, a gruelling 40-hour a week, eight-month dog grooming course. For the past three years, she had worked for The Doghouse Kennels in White City.  

Sali loves all animals but especially dogs. She herself owns a one-year-old blue healer named Grit. Sali loves turning a scared and anxious dog into a confident and happy canine, often over the course of only one visit.  

“Professionally grooming a dog from head to toe is a very satisfying experience,” said Sali. “Brushing, bathing, trimming and clipping are all part of the process. The one mistake that owners make is not bringing their dogs in often enough and early enough in their lives. They must get acclimatized to the grooming process as soon as possible.” 

In addition to regular grooming, Sali and Just for Paws have also invested their time and training into what is known as creative grooming. This is dog grooming which deviates from breed profile grooms, commonly involving artificial colouring. It offers professional pet groomers the unique opportunity to truly individualize and customize their clients’ grooms by adding touches of personal style. This includes hair dying and nail painting.  

Born and raised in Regina, Sali graduated from Greenall High School in Balgonie. She lives in Manor with her boyfriend Tallyn Rowley, who is employed by Classic Steaming.  

Sali is a very caring and professional dog groomer who loves working with canines. She can be found at Just for Paws located just west of Carlyle on Highway 13.