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Lampman fire department sees over dozen people signing up after open house

Information session held at fire station
Lampman fire department truck
New recruits will start training to become firefighters in early April.

The Lampman Fire and Rescue Service saw 16 people signing up to become volunteer firefighters during an open house, held on March 30.

After the Lampman volunteer fire department posted a plea to the public, asking residents to consider becoming firefighters and first responders to keep the services in the community, many people took time to attend am information session hosted at the station last week.

"It was good. We had a good turnout. Sixteen members of the community have signed up, which is very good," said Lampman Fire Chief Grant Palmer. "I didn't have a goal. I just wanted to see how it turned out, and I was very surprised and happy. It was excellent."

About 50 people attended the meeting, where they could learn about what being a volunteer firefighter entails. Palmer added that most people who signed to become firefighters are from the Lampman area and a few work in town

The next step will be the training. The first session is to take place this weekend, as the fire department is trying to get some training in before it gets busier for many of the volunteers. 

"Moving forward, we are looking to work with all the new recruits and continue serving the community the best we can," Palmer said.

He also thanked the community for always being there when there is a need.

"The community always steps up where there's a need for something. No matter if it's firefighting or a fundraiser for a different project in the community, the community always seems to step up and help out," Palmer said.

Before the meeting, Saskatchewan Health Authority said the ambulance service in Lampman normally has two primary care paramedics; however, both are currently on leave and are not available to the service. There are also seven emergency medical responders who may take the calls when they are available, and a volunteer medical first responder team in the area.

The paramedic training is a full-time program, offered through different institutions, including Sask Polytech