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Local woman is inviting residents to join her in search for Estevan's Biggest Loser

Deadline to enter is Jan. 29
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The individual who loses the highest percentage of weight in three months will take 75 per cent of all money collected home, the rest will go to the second biggest weight loser.

ESTEVAN - Estevan is looking for its biggest loser.

A local woman put a shoutout for people interested in challenging each other and themselves in losing weight.

Robyn Dwernychuk said an idea came to her a few weeks ago. A couple of years ago, she joined the Biggest Loser challenge in Stoughton, which was a positive and successful experience. But after she had a baby six months ago, she again wanted to lose a few extra pounds. To make it more motivating, she decided to find Estevan's Biggest Loser this time.

"I have started a Biggest Loser Estevan and Area for any ladies who want to shed some weight and maybe need a little boost to get going in that direction," said Dwernychuk in a Facebook post.

"And just to try and lose some weight," she added in the interview with the Mercury.

To do so she suggested a challenge similar to the Biggest Loser TV show. Dwernychuk said for her the competitive part of the Stoughton challenge was the biggest motivation.

"I'm a very competitive person. That's why I think it worked for me. Just having to know how other people are doing and just trying to beat them," she explained.

In Estevan's version of the Biggest Loser, everyone participating is invited to come to Dwernychuk's place on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. to weigh in and record their starting points.

"This is the only way I have figured it would be the fairest," said Dwernychuk. "Masks will need to be worn for this."

Then participants will all be added to a closed group, in which they will be sharing healthy recipes, workouts, motivational ideas and other tips. Dwernychuk already added some information including an app that generates personalized workout plans and some healthy recipes.

Those seeking the title of Estevan's Biggest Loser will also have to weigh themselves at home every two weeks, take pictures of scales, and Dwernychuk will post everyone's progress. The challenge will continue until May 1. But she won't post any progress in the last four weeks, to keep it interesting for everyone participating.

In the end, participants will once again gather at Dwernychuk's place to weigh in and find out who got the title. The main point of the project is to create an incentive to keep people going towards their goals and make that journey exciting.

The participation fee is $40, which will all be added up to form the two prizes. The Biggest Loser – the person who loses the highest percentage of weight over three months – will take 75 per cent of all money collected. The second biggest loser will be awarded the remaining 25 per cent.

"Somebody could weigh a lot more and say they needed to lose 60-70 pounds. And then there might be a person who joined who only wanted to lose 15. So that works out better to have the percentage of total body bodyweight," explained Dwernychuk, adding that a special program will calculate the percentage.

She hopes to have at least 15 people partaking, which means the top prize will be $450 and second - $150.

"I had posted for 15. But if 15 doesn't go through, I'll make another post in the group and say only 10 are going, and they would have an option to stay in if they wanted to, or I will refund their money," Dwernychuk said.

If someone is interested in joining the challenge, they can get a hold of Dwernychuk through messenger or at 306-621-8765.

The deadline is Jan. 29.

"Let's all get fit together and be the best possible version of you that you would like to be," Dwernychuk said in the post.