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Neon Light Night in Carnduff

Dozens of people swam late into the night at the event.
Neon Night Light swim
Carnduff’s pool was filled with swimmers and neon lights.

CARNDUFF - It was Neon Light Night at Carnduff’s pool on Aug. 5.

Pool manager Corey Purves wanted to do something to raise money for some pool enhancements. As she and her staff pondered the possibilities, they decided to have a late swim, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. and to make it unique by brightening things up with neon lights.

All the lights were donated and the lifeguard team donated their time. Every cent of the admission fees would go towards making the pool even better.

On a rather chilly evening where the temperature dipped to 15 C, 84 swimmers showed up. Thankfully the water temperature was almost twice as warm at 29 C. Everyone was quick to get into the water and slower coming out.

When everything was added up, $440 had been raised.