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Reflecting the Trinity in our daily lives

Story:Each Sunday, the old pastor would pull out his pocket-watch on a long chain, and he'd place it gently on the pulpit in front of him.

Story:Each Sunday, the old pastor would pull out his pocket-watch on a long chain, and he'd place it gently on the pulpit in front of him. One day a little girl whispered in her grandpa's ear, "Grandpa, what does that watch mean?" Grandpa said, "Not a thing, honey. Not a thing."

I could have started with a Trinity joke, but the mystery of the Trinity is

incomprehensible. So what does the above story have to do with the Trinity? Not a thing. This article is about how we mirror God in our lives.

My favorite anecdote about the Trinity is the story of St Augustine of Hippo. "How do you think," Augustine asked the little girl on the beach, "that you can empty this immense sea into this tiny hole and with this tiny cup?" To which she replied, "How do you suppose that with this your small head you can comprehend the immensity of God?" With that the child disappeared.

Like Augustine we may not be able to understand the how of the Trinity but it is very important to understand the why. Father Ernest Munachi Ezeogu says, "We are made in the image [and likeness] of God, therefore, the more we understand God the more we can understand ourselves.

Experts in religion tell us that people always try to be like the God they worship. People who worship a warrior God tend to be warriors people who worship a God of wrath tend to be angry people Yahweh is a God of love. So we must become a people of love.

Our lives reflect the Trinity. Can you think of anything more wonderful than living this life with Christ in us? Living with the love of the Spirit in us? Living as a co-creator with God and sharing the bounty of creation?

In the story of creation God the Father formed us in his own image, out of love, to share eternity with us. God's great love became incarnate in the Son to redeem us. And that same LOVE of GOD, the Holy Spirit, is truly present with us today.

In Romans, Paul reminds us that we have received a Spirit of adoption - we are sons and daughters of God. And the Holy Spirit, the love between the Father and the Son, makes us holy. The Holy Spirit makes possible the wholeness or oneness in us to enable Christ to work through us.

How do we reflect the Trinity in our lives? As sons and daughters of God we share the wonderful gift of being co-creators in our families and our physical environment. Every day we should thank God for the beauty of creation, the wonderful world we live in and the gift of one another!

"We were born with the potential to realize the kingdom here [in] what our Eastern Catholic brothers and sisters call divinization. We are becoming more like God every day when we cooperate with God," says Fr. Brendan McGuire in "The Measuring Wall".

"And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you" (Romans 8:11).