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Remembering the life and times of Harvey Rounce

Harvey Rounce was a well-known person in the Carlyle area, not only as a teacher but for his other interests.
Wendy Rounce Harvey Rounce Carlyle
Wendy Rounce and her Grandmother Clock, kept in perfectly running order by her husband Harvey.

CARLYLE - Nearly everyone who has lived in Carlyle the past 20 years has heard of Harvey Rounce, who passed away in November.

Harvey and his wife Wendy moved from Swift Current to Carlyle in 1973, eventually purchasing their Fourth Street West residence in 1987. Harvey was a teacher at Gordon F. Kells High School and instructed a variety of subjects including physics, mathematics and industrial arts. They had two daughters. Andrea is a professor of political studies at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Tamara is a geospatial analyst with Ag Canada in Regina.

“Harvey dabbled in so many things, he had many hobbies and interests over the years,” said Wendy.

In the ’70s he was heavily involved in archery. He was also a black powder shooter and made his own pistols and cartridge rifles. When the girls were young, they enjoyed many family camping trips.

 Harvey was involved in black and white photography and also made his own slides. He preferred black and white pictures due to the sharp contrast and used the darkroom at the high school. Harvey also enjoyed deer hunting and fishing.

Harvey loved tinkering and built and collected many model steam engines, airplanes and helicopters. He owned several drones but never flew one. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, he built and repaired computers, only to give this up later in life when he couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing technology.

In the ‘70s and early ‘80s, Harvey flew remote-controlled airplanes out at Jack Doty’s farm with Carlyle United Church minister Ron Sutton and Doug Begin, who used to own the Radio Shack where Foster’s Audio and Video is now located.

Harvey loved his motorcycles and especially liked Honda Gold Wings. His favourite was his Big Blue Honda trike. For nearly 20 years, he faithfully rode every Wednesday evening with his motorcycle friends that included Gary Roy, Alan McLeod and Mike Makelki. He had trikes, pocket bikes and owned a Can-Am Spyder. He often participated in the annual Boogiefest events.

Harvey owned a variety of musical instruments including several guitars, a lap guitar, a ukulele, a banjo, an accordion and two violins. He also built and repaired clocks. Harvey loved attending auction sales, model train engineering shows and threshermen’s shows. He always brought something home with him.

Harvey was a voracious reader and loved cooking stir-fry. He loved his cats even though he was allergic to them. Muffin, Sheba and Scruffers were part of his family and Mindy and Snoopy are still alive today. Mindy is still mourning her loss as Harvey was her favourite.

Mike and Clareen Makelki have been friends of the Rounces for many years and provided some memories. Said Clareen, “What we remember most about Harvey was his desire to learn about new things and new experiences. His daily coffee shop visits gave him the opportunity to hear about the latest electronic gadget or someone’s new hobby.

“Then he would charge full steam ahead to research, examine and learn as much as he could about that particular item or topic. If something really piqued his interest it would lead to a visit to the electronics store or a drive to purchase something from a garage sale site. We would spend an enjoyable day shopping and visiting.

Added Mike, “Visiting with him was always an entertaining experience because of his wide variety of interest and hobbies.”

Added Wendy, “My husband was a do-it-yourselfer, a tinkerer and an introvert. He could occupy himself for hours at a time and was always busy doing something. Harvey watched hundreds of do-it-yourself programs on You Tube. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together again.”

Wendy has been a longtime member of the Carlyle United Church and has been its organist for years. Recently, she and Harvey received their 20-year attendance awards with the Royal Canadian Legion. Wendy enjoys quilting, gardening and proudly shared memories of her husband showing us her scrapbooking skills.

She has no desire to leave Carlyle and is totally happy living here with her two cats and her dog named Briar.