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RM of Enniskillen acquires land for primary health and wellness centre in Oxbow area

Centre would serve residents of Oxbow and surrounding communities
Physiotherapy Getty
Physiotherapy would be among the services offered at a new health facility in Oxbow.

RM Of ENNISKILLEN - The Rural Municipality of Enniskillen has acquired property at 119 Railway Avenue in Oxbow.

This acquisition will allow the RM to work with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Galloway Health Centre to promote and create a primary health and wellness centre for the residents of Oxbow and all neighbouring rural communities.

“The reeve and council are pleased to announce the collaboration of this new facility,” said RM administrator Pamela Bartlett. “This partnership is greatly needed to ensure that our community stays viable. This collaboration with the health authority and health centre will also ensure that the needs of our local emergency medical responders and primary care paramedics will be met through adequate housing, transportation, training, and office space.

“By acquiring the property at 119 Railway Avenue, it will finally allow the community of Oxbow the opportunity to create a health and wellness centre. Our goal is to have as many health professionals as possible in a centralized location, providing the best care for our residents.

“Our hope is to have the primary health and wellness centre open and operational by December 6, 2021. Our goal is to partner with health professionals – home care, mental health, public health, dietitian, physio, addictions, telehealth, and hopefully one day to include massage, natural and holistic care and other important essential services housed under one roof. There will also be a space for the new handi-van to be kept indoors.”

Work will begin immediately to start the renovation process to ensure all necessary accommodations and retrofits are completed.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this venture, through monetary donations or new furnishings for the bedrooms and kitchen, or would like to know more information about renting a space, they can contact the RM. Tax-deductible donations will be issued for all monetary contributions.

The RM also saluted Alan Gay for his generosity towards this new partnership.