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TeleMiracle sets record of $8M in 46th annual broadcast

"It was absolutely unreal. To be back with all the Kin again was absolutely wonderful. And then to go to $8 million was so emotional. There were a lot of people that you never thought you'd see crying, crying. And I was one of them," Estevan's Kin Preston Majeran on experience with this year's TeleMiracle.

REGINA - TeleMiracle – Saskatchewan's charity – wrapped up its 46th edition on Sunday in Regina with a record-breaking total.

As of 5 p.m. on March 6, the final numbers on the video tote board showed a total of $8,002,722 raised. It was the second time that TeleMiracle has cleared $6 million.

With this year's incredible generosity added, the total raised by Telemiracle since 1977 is now over $153 million.

"Saskatchewan people are known for their generosity and this year, they came together to set an all-time TeleMiracle record," said TeleMiracle 46 chair Steve Kirwan. "The impact of these donations will be felt across the province, and to everyone who gave this year, I can't thank you enough."

Preston Majeran, a member of the Estevan Kinsmen Club and TeleMiracle's security committee chairperson for this year, said the emotions at the event were unbelievable.

"It was absolutely unreal. To be back with all the Kin again was absolutely wonderful. And then to go to $8 million was so emotional. There were a lot of people that you never thought you'd see crying, crying. And I was one of them," Majeran shared.

He said that every year the chairperson has to have a goal of where they want to get, but the past weekend was mind-blowing for everyone.

"To get to where we went this weekend actually blew everybody away. I know I thought we were going get $6M, some other people thought $6.9M. But nobody in their wildest dreams knew that we were going to hit $8 million," Majeran said.

He added that it was great to be able to work side by side with Kinsmen and Kinettes again and to make things happen.

"It was so great to be able to see people, hug them, be able to talk with them with no masks, with no six feet distancing. The electricity was in the air, everyone knew that we were back and we were going to do great things," Majeran said.

TeleMiracle 46 contained both traditional elements of past shows and some of the new features that were added during the pandemic broadcast last year, including pre-recorded performances and the video wall. But there still was no live audience.

"We definitely missed the audience. I've been to TeleMiracle (before the pandemic, where there was a live audience) three times. And there are always certain people that you see there, they're the hugest Jeffery Straker fan or Beverly Mahood fan or Glen Suitor (fan). To see them light up when they point at them, it was unreal. And this year having a little Bella on the national cast was so cool. She is a sweetheart," Majeran said.

He added that while the entire event and its results were a blast, it was even more special for him with some personal highlights.

"One of the highlights was me getting to go skating as TeleMiracle Teddy at Iceville. That was so cool with the national cast. Being able to see some friends I haven't seen in two years was one of the biggest things for me as well too, to be able to give them a hug. And just being back to what Kin's all about. Those are my highlights for the weekend and meeting (long-time Saskatchewan Roughrider) Glen Suitor," Majeran shared.

Members of the Estevan Kinsmen and Kinettes Clubs also saluted a former Estevan resident for his lengthy commitment to the TeleMiracle fundraiser.

Bill Morrell, who was a long-time member of the Estevan Kinsmen Club, has been a part of 44 of the 46 TeleMiracle fundraisers. He now resides in Moose Jaw, but his commitment to Telemiracle remains.

During Saturday night's portion of the broadcast, when the Estevan Kinsmen and Kinettes were presenting the money that they raised from the community, they brought Morrell onto the stage and presented him with a vest commemorating his longevity.

"Bill Morrell has been to every TeleMiracle but two. He missed last year, and he missed the first one. And he's a former member of the Estevan Kinsmen Club and being able to be up there and see the look on his face was absolutely amazing. He was so surprised. We had to give him an excuse to get him up on stage. And he was more than happy to do it. And then the surprise on his face when we gave it to him was unreal," Majeran said.

It has logos from the different TeleMiracle broadcasts that Morrell attended. During the 46th TeleMiracle, he was helping as a messenger.

"He worked his butt off for yet another year. So we were TeleMiracle 46, and he's been to 44 of them and he doesn't stop moving," Majeran said.

This year's final tote board total included the proceeds of TeleMiracle's online 50/50 raffle, which generated a final jackpot total of $385,730.

The amount raised is an all-time high, surpassing the previous high total of $7,151,254, raised at TeleMiracle 42 in 2018. This year's high mark included the largest single donation in TeleMiracle's history, a bequest of close to $1.8 million.

"It was like all air got sucked out of the room. Everybody just was gasping, and cheering, and crying, and the emotions were all over. Just to know that somebody out there thinks so highly of TeleMiracle and the Kinsmen Foundation that they bequested that much money to us," Majeran shared.

The previous largest donation was sitting at $1.5 million, so this year’s telethon broke two records.

"No matter the size of the donation, every dollar that was given helped us reach this amazing total," said Kirwan. "The best part is that all the money raised stays right here in Saskatchewan, to help their friends, neighbours and communities."

One of the many highlights of this year's show were the dozens of talented Saskatchewan performers who appeared on throughout the telethon and on the Countdown to Telemiracle live stream pre-show. Not only did these acts showcase the scope of talent from every corner of the province, they also raised money for the telethon – which was once again matched by Nutrien, who presented their donation of $100,000 just before the end of the broadcast.

All TeleMiracle proceeds are granted through the Kinsmen Foundation for specialized medical and mobility equipment, and assistance with medical travel. The foundation typically receives over 1,000 applications for assistance from Saskatchewan residents each year.

TeleMiracle reminds those that made pledges during the telethon to honour them by mailing their donation to Box 83000, Saskatoon, Sask., S7K 9S1.

Planning begins shortly for Telemiracle 47, to take place in 2023 in Saskatoon. Details leading up to next year's show will be posted at

Majeran said he won't be on the committee for the next year's event, but he is sure it will again be a "fantastic" telethon.

But he's planning on being in Saskatoon next year and is confident that it's a must-have experience for everyone.

"If anybody's really interested in attending TeleMiracle, reach out to Kinsmen or Kinette and ask us, and we'll take you," Majeran said, adding that preparation for the event go all year, so it's always a good time to join.

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