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Wawota weekly news

So great to have visitors again
Wawota Weekly News

Sympathy to the family of Grant Burke, who passed away on Sept. 12 at the age of 80 years. He lived at OK Falls, B.C.  

He was one of the 13 children of James and Eva Burke of the Doonside/Walpole area. Sympathy to sister Isobel Robertson of Moosomin and brother Ralph Burke of Maryfield. 

Sympathy also to Paul and Tenille Ford and family on the passing of Tenille's grandfather Henry Fornwald of Estevan. He passed away September 23rd at the age of 93 years. 

Edna Benner and her sister Jean Miller of Langenburg enjoyed a two-week visit with Jean's daughter and son-in-law, Laureen and Jeff Lailey, Brandon and Cameron. They live in Calgary. 

George and Suzanne Eisler traveled to Bow Island, Alta., on Sept. 17 to attend the funeral of George's sister Alda Kerner. She passed away on Sept. 11 at the age of 81 years. She was George's only sibling. 

Petr Nemecek and Katarina Fasiangova of Regina, who often spend the weekend at their house in Wawota, were here last weekend. They were joined by their older son Sebastian from Lisbon. Their younger son Timotej is at the University in Prague in the Czech Republic. It was nice to catch up on what they are doing with their lives.  

Pat and Kellie Corkish of Athabasca, Alta., spent several days visiting with his mother, Saundra Corkish recently.