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Young people enjoy summer camps in Benson

Children enjoyed a variety of activities during this year's camp.
Summer Camp in Benson
Young people who attended the summer camp in Benson gather for a group photo on the new playground equipment.

BENSON - The community of Benson held a successful summer camp during the week of July 25-29, ending with a water gun party and pizza party.  

The camp attendance varied from day to day, with up to 24 children from Benson and the surrounding area present. Many games and activities were played at the Benson Hall, such as tag, hide-and-seek, dodgeball, Capture the Flag and floor hockey, among other indoor activities such as making paper airplanes, popsicle stick planes, butterflies and doing paint-by-numbers. 

Also, many more hours of activities were enjoyed at the Benson playground, which included playing on the swings, in the sandbox, using the basketball court for basketball and hockey, and enjoying the new playground equipment which was just installed at the end of June. 

The structure was a community project which began in 2019 and concluded in 2022. In 2020, the actual equipment was bought and was stored until enough funds were raised to install it. The goal was reached in June, in time to be enjoyed for the summer camp. 

The Benson Culture and Recreation Board and the Benson community thanks everyone who donated towards the project and also everyone who came and helped out by supplying equipment and labour to get the project completed.