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In the Community

Reading the book

This afternoon I watched a television program that summarized the elimination votes in CBC Radio's annual "Canada Reads" competition.

Pause for Reflection

A prisoner receives a letter: "Dear Husband, I have decided to plant some lettuce in the back garden.

Pause for Reflection

Imagine meeting Jesus after this life is all over. Jesus asks, "Well, how was it?" And you reply, "Except for the last five minutes, it was pretty awesome.

I believe but . . .

An eccentric philosophy professor gave a one question final exam after a semester dealing with a broad array of topics.

Pause for Reflection

A man goes to see a psychiatrist and says, "Doctor, I've got a split personality and it's interfering with my life. It's wrecking my job so I can't get along withIt's ruining my family life.

Tavelling home

If nothing else, life is a journey - albeit for most of us, a journey refusing to stay on course. Plans are made; life happens and we change directions.

Blowing with the wind

The wind blew wild yesterday. Normally unrestricted views of Vancouver Island were blocked by a curtain of rain, fog and water as wind speeds, edging closer than I'd like to hurricane force, shook the house.

Pause for Reflection

One day a kind man planned a great feast. Among the revelers attending was one who frequented these generously prepared celebrations.

Pause for Reflection

I was fortunate to live in the same century as Mario Lanza who sang "With a song in my heart", written by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers.

Getting it for free

There's something enticing about "free" and I admit to being addicted to completing surveys in order to get significant discounts, special offers and free products.