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Assiniboia Chamber welcomes new executive director

ASSINIBOIA -- Nicole Batty is the new executive director for the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce.
Members of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce gather to welcome a new executive director to the organization. Pictured, from left, are Ashley Barnsley, Kathy Kennedy, Nicole Batty, Laurie Stianson, Paul Topola, Shelly Dahlman, Sophie Morrison and Lori Crighton.

ASSINIBOIA -- Nicole Batty is the new executive director for the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce. Born and raised in the Assiniboia area, she brings her business background and experience as the current Marketing and Projects Manager with a provincial non-profit, the FASD Network of Saskatchewan.

Nicole appreciates the community spirit that each member brings to the executive. “Everyone is really passionate. There is a combination of people - some who’ve been here for decades and also some newer professionals in town, so we have different perspectives which really balances things out. Overall, everyone is focused on bringing the best to Assiniboia.”

 “The Assiniboia and District’s Chamber of Commerce’s most fundamental purpose is to generate more business activity for our district. The organization’s mission is to provide leadership and be the driving force to enhance ethical economic growth in our region,” said Nicole.

With restrictions easing off, the Chamber hopes to see businesses flourish once again, although even during Covid, they were available for all of their members to share concerns, and kept them informed of the latest information to guide them through a difficult year.

Several events are hosted by the Chamber to promote economic growth and stability in Assiniboia. These events have included monthly Lunch ‘n’ Learns where a speaker informs and motivates business people, an annual Career Fair every fall, a business luncheon for small business week in October, a Christmas social party, the Santa Light Parade, and a Trade Show every other April. The Chamber is optimistic that many of these will be safe to run again soon.

 “My goal is to help every member see the value in being a part of the Chamber of Commerce in Assiniboia and District. The benefits of membership are three-fold. First, the Chamber helps promote businesses through local events. Also, there’s the monthly newsletter where each business can promote their own business. And thirdly, there is a membership directory online and in print. In addition, we provide access to our monthly Chamber’s Plan insurance, and also your membership gives you automatic membership in the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, which has a lot of great resources,” said Batty.

Nicole is confident that the Chamber will take strides forward and continue to see business owners thrive. “With the new website under construction, we have the opportunity to really embrace technology and different ways of using social media. Right now we have about 100 businesses on board and we look forward to welcoming more members.  

“Individuals, businesses, firms, associations, societies and the agricultural sector of good standing who support the mandate of the Chamber are eligible for active membership and voting privileges,” according to Chamber Bylaws.
There is no required level of income or business size in order to join. The rates for membership follow: Single person business costs $110.25;  a two to five people business costs $165.38; and a business with over five people business costs $220.50.

To become a member of the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses can check out the new website under development.
“The website will have membership forms and we’re hoping for a direct payment process,” said Batty.

Businesses can pay with Square or their credit card, or they can contact Nicole Batty, through email at