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Big Jim’s Brew Shop hosting sidewalk party to celebrate 19 years

To celebrate the 19th birthday of Big Jim’s Brew Shop, a sidewalk party is being held Thursday, October 6.

WEYBURN - For nearly two decades, Big Jim’s Brew Shop has been serving customers from its Third Street location in downtown Weyburn.

Originally opened in 2003, Big Jim’s was owned and operated by Jim McDonald. Jim saw a rise in consumers who wanted to brew their own beverages, and filled that need by opening up his own beer and wine-making supply shop.

In 2008, Jim was an integral part of getting U-brew and U-vin legislation into Saskatchewan with SLGA.

As well as catering to the home brewer by selling kits and equipment, Jim also offered his brewing expertise and equipment to allow customers to brew in-house.

Jim and his wife, Linda, served the community of Weyburn for several years.

Fast forward to 2022. Big Jim’s has seen a few changes, but they still offer the same great service in the same location.

New owners, Todd Bedore and Ray Jarvis, took over operations in April.

“In April, we decided to take the jump to purchase Big Jim’s Brew Shop.” said Bedore. “I’ve always had a true entrepreneurial spirit in my background but was always scared to take that leap. With a very well established business in Weyburn, it was an easy decision to take over Big Jim’s and drive it to the next level.”

To celebrate the 19th birthday of Big Jim’s Brew Shop, a sidewalk party is being held Thursday, October 6.

Todd and Ray invite everyone to come down and celebrate with them.

“We’re very excited to have this little sidewalk party. It’s something a little new for Weyburn and all our neighbours and friends downtown are going to be hopefully having something going on,” added Bedore.

“Cory from Low Brow is going to be up front having some ribs for sale. We have our friends from Paddock Wood Brewing bringing their nice little truck down and serving some beer and we’re going to have a great sale and hopefully lots of people come downtown. We will also be offering tours of our facility as you can see how grape concentrate turns into adult grape juice,” he said.

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