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Chiropractor opens practice in Assiniboia, enjoys meeting patients

Dr. Blake is eager to work with athletes and the general population, whatever their level of need
Dr Robert Blake Chiropractor
Dr. Robert Blake, Chiropractor, has opened a practice in Assiniboia at the Prince of Wales

ASSINIBOIA - Dr. Robert Blake, Chiropractor, has opened a practice in Assiniboia at the Prince of Wales. Dr. Blake attended University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, where he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters of Sports Medicine. “I recently finished my International Certificate of Sports Chiropractic from the International Federations of Sports Chiropractic,” he noted in a recent conversation.

Dr. Blake has lived in Saskatchewan since he was seven, originally coming from New Brunswick. He has lived in several provinces and spent a year in Dublin, Ireland, where he attended St. Andrew’s College. “I have good memories of playing hockey and going to tournaments in small town Saskatchewan,” he recalled, adding he was looking forward to opening a rural practice when he decided on Assiniboia.

“The people at the Prince of Wales are great to work with,” he said. “It provides a working environment, with the added benefit of the Art Gallery being so close. I’m enjoying meeting my patients and getting to know the town.” 

Dr. Blake is eager to work with athletes and the general population, whatever their level of need. “Now, you’re probably aware that a chiropractor can help you with your back or neck pain,” he said, “but we can offer so much more. Do you have headaches? How about aches and pains in your extremities? What about jaw pain (TMJ)?” As a chiropractor, Dr. Blake is equipped with the skills and knowledge to address all of those concerns and more. He is a musculoskeletal specialist and if you aren’t quite feeling at your best, or think you should be achieving more in your daily activities or sport, he can help. He noted that we sometimes develop some poor techniques/habits and are aware that we aren’t using our body to its potential. A chiropractor can provide health care in many ways.

As an evidence-based practitioner, Dr. Blake offers a variety of soft tissue modalities, such as manual therapy, cupping, Interferential current (IFC), ultrasound, instrument assisted soft tissue (IASTM), among different adjustive techniques. He also provides active care in the form of rehabilitation and movement strategies to help patients recover and maintain their lifestyle.

He provides assistance with a variety of stretches, exercises, and movement strategies.

Having lived in Saskatchewan, Dr. Blake is aware of the musculoskeletal injuries that often occur in an agricultural area. “No matter the walk of life you live, whether your work involves heavy equipment, agricultural chores, or sitting at a desk job, people get aches and pain from work and lifestyle (active or sedentary), or simply from “sleeping wrong,” he noted. If your body hurts, he suggests you should see a chiropractor. He is particularly concerned that no matter what your occupation or lifestyle, you don’t have any idiosyncrasies in your movement and posture that might be causing you pain.

Chiropractors work with other medical professionals to make sure the patient’s needs are being addressed. For example, Dr. Blake said that as he is administering an exam on a patient, he may notice a suspicious mole, and will refer the patient to a specialist for further assessment. As a chiropractor, he acknowledges the need to be able to recognize different pathologies that are treated by other specialties, not just his own.

“I enjoy taking the time with the patient and addressing their needs so I am able to personalize their care.” Dr. Blake is considering expanding his practice to two days a week, in order to best serve his patients. “I like to educate and give the patient tools to help with their active care between passive care appointments.”

If you would like to see the benefits of chiropractic first hand, please feel free to reach out to the link here. Dr. Blake is excited to start working with all kinds of patients to help reach their chiropractic-related goals.

There’s no referral required to visit a chiropractor. SGI and WCB both cover chiropractic care as do most insurance companies. To make an appointment with Dr. Blake, please follow this link:

Dr. Robert Blake BA, BSc, DC, MS; Prince of Wales Centre; 201 Third Ave West, Assiniboia.