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Country living in a Stoughton condominium

Building offers social opportunities for residents.
Taylor Park Estates offers country living in a condominium in Stoughton.

STOUGHTON - Taylor Park Estates is located on the west side of Stoughton, overlooking farmland to the west and Taylor Park to the east.

Dale Fowlow is a long-time resident of the area. He was the vice-principal at the Stoughton Central School for 25 years and then it was time to retire.

Fowlow wanted to retire in a place that would be stress free. He no longer wanted the upkeep of a house, including blowing snow, cutting grass or raking leaves.

He also did not want to live in the city to enjoy condominium living. Fowlow wanted to stay in a small town and live in a condo.

About 10 years ago, Taylor Park Estates was in the building process, and he felt this may be the perfect place to live.

Fowlow and his wife Diane have lived there for eight years and love every minute of it.

He feels it is a life of leisure that is stress free.

They know everyone in the building, although it is only half full at this time.

It is great to walk down the hallways to have friendly banter or meet the neighbour in the elevator to talk about the weather.

Fowlow said they have coffee every morning in the common room, which houses a kitchen and a bathroom. They hold potluck suppers once a month, which he feels is always enjoyable.

The family atmosphere means special suppers for birthdays or anniversaries and a Christmas social. Family may also attend and even stay overnight in the guest room.

Fowlow went on to say they play cards and the crokinole board is never far away. In the summer, barbeques are held, with corn and wiener roasts.

These units have large windows that overlook the park while kids play, or a place to take a walk around the small lake. Benches adorn the walkway, and trees with memory plaques also are seen along the path.

In the winter, kids play hockey or skate on the frozen lake, which is always fun to watch, said Fowlow.

Fowlow feels living at the Taylor Park Estates is relaxing, since there is no maintenance. They stay active, which is good for mental health.

At one time this place was meant for over 55 years, but they have opened up the age requirements in hopes to attract more people to enjoy a place to live.