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Discover the benefits of massage therapy in Kipling

New family happy to be in community
Kipling Massage Therapist
Britney Adelman, registered massage therapist in Kipling.

KIPLING - There's a new family in Kipling, the Adelman family: Landon, Britney and their two children, Brantley who is turning four soon, and daughter Clemsyn who is two and a half. 


The family recently made the move through Landon’s career with SaskTel after landing a full-time position in Kipling this past May.

They had first decided he would commute from Balgonie, which got to be too much travelling and the added fuel expenses.

The family has moved a couple of times in a short span, first from their hometown of Pilot Butte, then to Balgonie for a year and now they were on the move once again to Kipling.

She jokingly said to her husband “If you ask me to move in the next five years, look out!”

Their reaction to living in Kipling has been positive. “It’s been awesome, I’ve really enjoyed it.”

“My husband Landon has loved it out here,” says Britney. “He enjoys the small town and the people are awesome.”

“He convinced me to make the move. I say I came here kicking and screaming but I’ve enjoyed my time here.”

“We made a trip back to the city recently and I made the comment ‘I hate driving in the city.’ Bring me back to the small town where people aren’t in such a rush.”

Britney has been working as a registered massage therapist in Regina since graduating from her training in 2014.

She now offers her services as a registered massage therapist in Kipling.

“It just kind of fell in my lap that I was able to work out of an already established business in Kipling rather than my original plan of working from home once moving to Kipling.”

Since the time Bridgette Skibinski with Re:Structure posted there was a new massage therapist coming to town, it was instant with the bookings for Britney.

Britney has already had clients in for massages, and she quite happy that word got out so quick.

“I work Wednesday and Thursday evenings and every second Saturday for the time being.”

She still has two small children and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.

Usually when you first move to a new community it takes time to build up your clientele but not for Britney. “It’s been nice.”

Why choose massage therapy as your career?

“There wasn’t a lightbulb moment,” explains Britney.

“In high school, my friends suggested this as a career for me.”

“My mom, who is a teacher, said ‘you should go to university first, get a degree.’ Of course I agreed but university was not for me.

We compromised…mom said I should get my two-year business diploma and then transfer to massage therapy.

“That’s kind of what I did and it all worked out,” explains Britney.

Britney says massage has all sorts of benefits.

“Obviously if you have sore muscles, it’s great relaxation. Not everyone prefers the relaxing massages, there are some who prefer the deep massage. They say ‘dig in there.’ Everyone is different.”

“I can feel if you have a problem area, I want to fix it,” explains Britney. “That’s where deep massage is definitely beneficial.”

To sum it up ‘come for maintenance’.

Whether you have a sore neck or your hips are out or having low back issues because you sit at a desk all day – come for regular visits. It’s suggested to make appointments once a week for a while and then stretch them out to once a month for maintenance purposes.

Since Britney is a registered massage therapist, her receipts can be used towards insurance. 

Her office is in Re: Structure located at 515 Main Street in Kipling. Book your appointment today.