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DMS meets community’s computer needs

DMS Services in Estevan has given the community a retail computer store, and it’s always eager to meet the needs of the community.
DMS Services in Estevan
From left, Abu Faisal, Graham Cennon, Adele Roy-Cennon and Blaise Friess are always eager to greet customers at DMS Services in Estevan. Photo submitted

DMS Services in Estevan has given the community a retail computer store, and it’s always eager to meet the needs of the community.

“We’re an essential service, so from keeping radio links for people getting Internet to their homes in rural (areas), to helping people get remote stuff set up from your office to your home so people can work from home … we’ve been steady,” said Graham Cennon, the owner of the business located in the 200-block of Fourth Street. 

He believes the staff members at the business eat, sleep and breathe computers. 

“You name it, we do it. And we do it well,” he said.  

DMS is a Lenovo business partner and serves as a depot for them, so DMS does all of Lenovo’s on-site warranty work. They can handle servers and network rollouts, and nearly 100 people are connected to their WiFi network in rural communities.  

The company also looks after website hosting, email hosting, off-site backups and repairs for home computers.  

Cennon described it as “end-to-end IT support.” 

“We’re a pretty special company, because there aren’t very many of them around like us,” he said.  

Back to school  always keeps them busy in the late summer weeks, and this year wasn’t any different, with people looking for a laptop or other computer needs for a child in high school. DMS also sells smart TVs, and those are popular for young people off to post-secondary education.  

“Pretty much anything computer-related you need we have here.”  

While technology is always changing, Cennon believes DMS is always adapting. He credits the team they have at DMS, which has more than 30 years of technical experience. 

“We try to share the information here and work as a team. We’re a very team-based company. One guy doesn’t know everything, but everybody knows everything. We teach each other. That way everybody can do everything.” 

The WiFi service has been happening for about two years; they installed towers and expanded their network remotely. Previously they offered private links for people.  

“It’s for people … who can’t get Internet and need to be connected. So we plan our shots and our links, and it’s been very successful. It’s been very good, and it fits our reputation. We don’t stop until it’s working.”

People in rural communities are able to stream Netflix, run a remote desktop, download their work materials and connect, which has helped during these times as many have shifted to working from home.

Also popular are custom gaming machines. Some of the new games coming out are pretty intensive for computers, so the computers are made for these specific games. 

“It’s been taking off a lot more than we expected it to, but more and more people are coming out and they want to get a gaming machine. Anybody can go online and order parts, but you need to know what you’re ordering and how it all works together and what all that stuff means.”  

DMS Services incorporated in 2007 and Cennon arrived in 2013. A growing customer base, combined with Staples’ decision to leave Estevan, caused Cennon to think it was time for DMS to do more, and move to a new home.

“We bought a building and we renovated it … although we had a little bit of help, but a lot of it we did ourselves after we were done working for the day,” he said.

Those renovations took about a year.

People in the Estevan area are finding out they’re here, and DMS is able to meet the needs of their customers. The public appreciates the work that they do, and DMS is always going to do its best to please the customers.  

“We’re still here after the sale. We’re not just trying to get the sale and not talk to you again. We support you right to the end.”