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Dr. Marian Juce hired as new optometrist at FYI Doctors Carlyle branch

Dr. Marian Juce has joined the staff of FYI Doctors
Marian Juce
FYI Doctors introducing Dr. Marian Juce to their Carlyle location.

CARLYLE - FYI Doctors is pleased to announce the full-time hiring of Dr. Marian Juce to practise out of their Carlyle location on Main Street, effective Oct. 7.  

Juce grew up in Hamiota, Man., and attended Brandon University for three years. She then enrolled at the University of Waterloo in Ontario at the School of Optometry and Vision Science for a four-year term, graduating this past spring.   

It is interesting to note that this school is the only English-speaking optometry school in Canada.  

Juce’s common-law partner is Branden Lequyer, who is a battery operator employed with Crescent Point Energy. Her mom Karen is a retired doctor and her dad David is a retired high school teacher.  

Both still reside in Hamiota. Branden’s parents are Tim and Lorrie Lequyer.  

“I am really thankful to be hired by FYI Doctors here in Carlyle,” said Juce. “I understand that appointments are being booked over three months out and I’m hoping to help lower those wait times. I’m excited to be working locally in my community.”