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Elizabeth McMullen excited to open new business in Carlyle

McMullen is operating a home-based business.
Elizabeth McMullen is a registered massage therapist.

CARLYLE - Registered massage therapist Elizabeth McMullen, opened the doors to her new home-based business on July 19. 

Moving to Carlyle from Saskatoon, McMullen is settling in and is excited to be part of the community.  

McMullen graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 2016 and is a member of the Massage Therapy Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS). She offers four unique treatments – Swedish massage, rapid neurofascial reset, myofascial cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization – to assist with tight muscles and tissues, stress relief, pain relief, headaches and general relaxation:

Rapid neurofascial reset is a neurological-based technique that addresses the central nervous system and can quickly resolve some conditions such as migraines, back pain and sciatica. 

IASTM is the process of using a stainless steel instrument that conforms to the body and is used to detect and treat soft tissue disorders. 

Myofascial cupping is a gentle suction that creates a vacuum-like seal that stimulates blood circulation, detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Cupping can also assist with healing scar tissue. When finished with a cupping session, a person is left feeling like they had a deep tissue massage. 

McMullen’s business will be open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. 

She has an online booking system and can be located on Facebook.