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Gord Paulley joins the Observer as a freelancer

A well-known Carlyle resident has joined the Observer
Gord Paulley
Gord Paulley is excited to join the Carlyle Observer.

CARLYLE - Hello everyone.  

Since I have decided to accept this job as a reporter for the Observer after a four-week trial, I thought I would provide you with some background.  

I moved to Carlyle in 1986 and, after 43 years with CIBC as a financial advisor, decided to retire in 2018. I am involved with many organizations in Carlyle and know a lot of people.  

I feel it is important to keep the residents of southeast Saskatchewan informed with the events happening in their communities. You might not know it, but Carlyle and area is booming with a lot of great things happening, and not all is related to the oilpatch. A small-town newspaper is needed and very important to get the message out.  

Not everyone is on Facebook and these two methods of providing the news must continue to live in harmony together.  

A lot of you will remember my columns of the 1990s and early 2000s, reporting on the great years of the Carlyle Cougars hockey team, right here on the top of Page Six. Like 20 years ago, my goal is to have you wake up on Fridays, turn to your partner, and say “Remember, let’s find out what Paulley wrote about this week, don’t forget to pick up the paper.”