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Just Fur Paws is on the move, in more ways than one

Just Fur Paws has enjoyed success in the dog training world.

CARLYLE - Andrea McEwen has spent most of her life learning about and caring for animals of all kinds, but her years focusing on her favorite breed, miniature bull terriers, has resulted in amazing achievements for both McEwen and her babies. 

McEwen’s first bull terrier, Amarantine Audris, was one of Canada’s most decorated standard bull terriers in history. Audris lived a grand life from her birth in 2005 until she passed in 2020. 

Many of the dogs McEwen has bred and sold to loving families have also received accolades in the show ring and other competitions. 

Her current dogs, Oberyn (Anatolian shepherd), Relik and Fleet (miniature bull terriers) are all decorated with various awards ranging from Best Puppy, Canine Good Neighbour, Registered Emotional Support Dog, Best in Show and many other owner/handler awards. Most recently, Relik and Fleet have both placed in the top of their class in urban rat hunt, agility and best of breed, to name a few. 

With all the numbers, letters and ribbons behind her and her dogs, you would think she would be proud to the point of arrogance; but not McEwen. She has taken all her years of knowledge and experience and decided to share those loves with everyone in caring for dogs in ways the everyday person may want help. Grooming and training and even caring for a puppy from birth to death, she gives all she knows and even a helping hand. 

McEwen offers many great group training classes such as Ready, Set…Rat, Agility Foundation, Novice Trick Dog, Basic & Advanced Obedience with Canine Good Neighbour Prep and Puppy Foundation/Socialization. There are many outcomes that people can accomplish with their fur babies through these classes, but the best of all is having a confident, well-mannered, healthy, social companion for the dog’s entire life. 

When McEwen hears of a family with a new puppy, she offers help in any way she can from any distance. When she meets a confident, happy dog, McEwen congratulates and compliments the family because she appreciates the time and effort that has gone into that relationship. 

Fleet earned her barn hunt instinct title (RAT1), novice barn hunt (RATN), *3 qualifying runs* and her first Q in Open Barn Hunt. 

Relik earned her barn hunt instinct title years ago and this past weekend earned her novice barn hunt title.  

“Watching her compete and use her instincts again was awesome,” McEwen beamed. Relik just gave birth to two puppies, one boy and one girl, 12 weeks ago and McEwen kept the female puppy to continue the long line of companionship and other rewards. 

You can follow McEwen and her fur babies and all their competition results on Facebook at Amarantine Ranch.