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Kelly Klassen eases the stress Just 4 You

Massage therapist has 18 years of experience
Kelly Klassen photo
Kelly Klassen, a massage therapist out of Carlyle.

CARLYLE - “Massage has a lot of benefits from every day stress, sore muscles, headaches, joint pain, you name it,” explains Kelly Klassen, a massage therapist.

“Therapy usually doesn’t feel good but helps you heal and feel better faster.”

Although Klassen lives in Lampman, her business ‘Just 4 You Massage’ is located in Carlyle. Klassen has spent the past 18 years as a massage therapist, previously working out of both Lampman and Estevan before setting up shop in Carlyle.

The opportunity came up to open in Carlyle and so she jumped at the chance.

“I love working in Carlyle,” says Klassen. “The people are always friendly and the community always seems thriving.”

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” explains Klassen as to why she chose being a massage therapist as her career. “I’ve always wanted to heal people.”
“I love making people feel better and to see a genuine smile on their face and them telling me how much better they feel makes my job worth every minute.”

What would you say to someone who might be thinking of getting their first massage?

“You always have to be open-minded first of all,” says Klassen. “Expect the unexpected.”

“When I’m giving a massage, I’ll find sore spots that they didn’t know they had.”

“Some clients come for a relaxation massage, but most come for therapeutic reasons.”

Klassen comes highly recommended from her clients.

She does a lot of deep tissue massage which may be one of the reasons Klassen has a lot of clients.

Klassen also offers ‘cupping,’ which has many benefits for the body and explains why:

“Cupping increases circulation, helps relieve pain by breaking down adhesions and pulls the toxins out that lie deep in the muscle tissue. I use my cupping on a lot of people that suffer from arthritis and they all have great results with the treatments. My goal as a therapist is to make my clients feel better and to guide them into what treatment I feel is best for them.”

Klassen is also in the process of taking a reflexology course in hopes of offering that treatment as well in the near future.

She says she is very accommodating to her clients, offering appointments on Sunday as some people find it hard to take the time off work during the week.

Other than her regular days of Sunday to Thursday offering appointments, Klassen has just recently started offering evening appointments as well.