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Kipling Arena receives $15,000 from Project Cornerstone

Funding will help make the building more accessible
Kipling Arena
The Kipling Arena has received support from the Cornerstone Credit Union.

KIPLING - Project Cornerstone is an application-based program that offers annual funding of $30,000 to community groups or organizations that are fundraising for capital projects that benefit the people and the community.

To be eligible for this funding, the project or program had to support one of two priority areas: community and economic development, or youth and education.

Funding must be used to build, expand and/or improve facilities that support the development of communities and/or development and implementation of programs that support the people in communities.

“Project Cornerstone has been around since 2016; providing $30,000 annually to different capital projects within our communities,” said Emily Niezgoda, communications specialist with Cornerstone Credit Union.

The Project Cornerstone selection committee is comprised of staff and board members of Cornerstone Credit Union, with this year’s committee having 10 people. The committee meets to review and discuss all the applications received to determine which project or projects are eligible for funding.

Cornerstone Credit Union has announced the successful recipients for $30,000 of Project Cornerstone funding. They received many great applications for projects within the communities, which made for a difficult final decision.

The Town of Kipling is one of the successful recipients, as they received $15,000 to go towards Kipling Arena upgrades.

The project will consist of replacing the current vestibule and entrance to increase space, create accessibility for all, including mobility challenged persons, as well as repairing a wall in the entrance to the dressing rooms area of the facility.

The Kipling Arena is a long-standing facility supported by the residents of the Town of Kipling, R.M. of Kingsley and R.M. of Hazelwood. Funding for a large portion of this project will need to be fundraised by these residents and the members of Kipling Minor Hockey, Kipling Curling Club, recreational hockey teams and Kipling Skating Club.

Cornerstone’s funding will assist the Town of Kipling to begin demolition of the arena’s existing vestibule and excavation of a wall in May 2022, with replacement and construction of the new vestibule in August 2022.

This is the first time Kipling has been awarded funding.

“With Cornerstone’s recent merger with Legacy Horizon Credit Union and Legacy Plainsview Credit Union, this gave an opportunity to our new branches and communities to apply for Project Cornerstone funding,” explains Niezgoda.

“The Town of Kipling is excited to work with Cornerstone Credit Union on the Kipling Arena upgrades. Cornerstone Credit Union (formerly Plainsview Credit Union) has been a great partner on many community projects in Kipling,” comments Susan Hengen, manager of leisure services in the Town of Kipling.

Odessa Community Hall will also receive $15,000 in funding.

The community hall provides a central hub for social gatherings and is an essential part of the survival, growth and prosperity of the Odessa community. Over the past 70 years the community hall has been invaluable to the community serving all ages from children to seniors, and for all types of events including recreational, community enhancement, and environmental activities.

Demolition of the old hall is slated for February 2022. Construction of the new hall is slated for April 2022 with completion in June 2023.

This year the funds were split and given to two different communities. The whole $30,000 can be given to one project or organization – however, if the committee has multiple projects the credit union feels they can support, they will split up the funds to help out with two projects.

“This year, both chosen projects had done quite a bit of their own fundraising and other means to get funding, therefore by still splitting the funds we are able to support two worthy projects in two communities that will have a huge positive impact to the residents, community and surrounding area,” says Niezgoda.