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Mercury welcomes a new sales manager and salutes a long-time employee

The Estevan Mercury is welcoming a new sales manager to the team, while also wishing the best of luck to the publisher/sales manager who led the team past few years.
Pasloski Tarnes
New Estevan Mercury sales manager Pat Pasloski, left, with outgoing sales manager and publisher Deanna Tarnes.

ESTEVAN - The Estevan Mercury is welcoming a new sales manager to the team, while also wishing the best of luck to the person who has been in the role for more than five years.

Deanna Tarnes, who has been the Mercury’s sales manager since February 2017 and has also held the title of publisher since September 2019, is leaving the paper to go work for the Tarnes family business, The Floor Store. She and her husband Chris have owned the business, which has locations in Estevan and Carlyle, since 2008.

Tarnes’ last day with the Mercury will be March 31.

Replacing her as the sales manager will be Pat Pasloski, a long-time resident of Estevan who has extensive sales experience.

Pasloski moved to Estevan in 1994. She started working for the Estevan Arts Council on a part-time basis in administration, and then she shifted to the Estevan Market Mall, working in promotions and as the assistant mall manager.

She moved to Swift Current to take a mall management position for a year and a half, but she missed Estevan and moved back.

Pasloski was hired to work in sales for Golden West Broadcasting from 2007-2017, and has spent most of the past five years at Aero Advertising.

“I’m just really excited to be back in media, seeing the same clients that I had seen previously and meeting new ones,” said Pasloski. “It’s a different experience in sales, and I really missed it – being out with clients, the hustle to get the information out there and seeing new people all of the time.” 

Pasloski loves being out in the community, finding out what is happening and being involved with events.

“Every company has their own events going on, whether they realize it or not,” said Pasloski. “To me, that’s a community event, say, when your client has a 25th anniversary.”

She loves how the people of Estevan find a way to support each other. If someone is in need or if there is a fundraiser, everybody steps up.

“It is just phenomenal for every event and every fundraiser, it just blows my mind. This city is amazing,” Pasloski said.

Even though it’s a city, Estevan has a small-town atmosphere.

Pasloski always wanted to work in media advertising, and she is excited the Mercury has provided her that opportunity.

Her first day on the job was on March 14. She has been learning from Tarnes and reconnecting with some people she worked with previously.

Tarnes said she is leaving to focus on The Floor Store, where she will be responsible for the books and marketing.

“It’s time to move on and learn something new,” she said.

Tarnes first joined the Mercury in administration after graduating high school in 1999. She left the paper for a few years, but when she was in administration, she saw how much fun the sales team had, and wanted to be part of that department.

When an opening came up in the Mercury’s sales department in 2006 due to a maternity leave, Tarnes asked Jan Boyle, the sales manager of the day, for a chance. The Mercury gave her a three-month audition. The three-month tryout became a career that spanned nearly 16 years, and she worked her way to the top of Estevan’s oldest business.

“I never planned on that. I always just wanted to be a salesperson,” said Tarnes.

She cites working with the local businesses as her favourite part of the job. Tarnes loved to help the businesses grow and get the word out. And she had fun with all of the contests and the giveaways.

“I loved doing all of the big promotions that bring the community together, business-wise and the public,” said Tarnes.

She’ll miss the team that was in place at the Mercury, and the special feeling associated with being part of a team that documents Estevan’s history.

And she’ll miss the opportunity to be out in the community, seeing clients and doing her part to promote their business.

“Thank you to all of the businesses who have supported me and gone along with my crazy ideas over the years. Keep supporting the paper. Pat will help you with everything you need. The paper needs you to use the platform to reach your audience and to sell your products and services. The Mercury continues to be your trusted platform,” Tarnes said.