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New UFA Weyburn location expects to become integral to community

Don Smith noted that Weyburn hits everything that UFA could ask for, as one of their next locations in the province

WEYBURN - The new UFA Petroleum Expansion into Saskatchewan is ‘super exciting’, according to Don Smith, VP of Petroleum and Innovation for UFA.

“We are excited about our continued expansion into Saskatchewan, and adding value to our customers and clients. We hope that many new customers will consider becoming members of our co-operative,” said Smith.

“We look forward to supporting our agricultural members with differential products and services, to help them with their effectiveness on the farm. There are also many benefits to fueling up with UFA such as our highly valued membership program, exceptional service with bulk fuel delivery, our highly coveted premium Dieselex Gold, and high-speed satellite fuel pumps,” added Smith.

With a UFA location now open in Weyburn, at 2 Cossette Lane easily accessible to Highway 39 northwest, “we expect to become an integral part of the community,” said Smith. “We will strive to add value back to our customers and clients.”

Smith noted that Weyburn hits everything that UFA could ask for, as one of their next locations in the province. “Weyburn is a vibrant community, rooted in agriculture, and one of those central places that will help us expand our offering in the province.”

The other UFA location based in Yorkton is very similar in importance. “Yorkton is a central hub, and trade area.”

Overall, Saskatchewan as a province has been very welcoming to UFA and to the agents at the new locations. “We hired people who are very active in their community, and who have a strong work ethic,” said Smith. “These agents understand what UFA is trying to achieve, and will help us establish relationships in these communities.”

In some of the other UFA locations, there are second and third-generation agents who are now working for the co-operative. “We have been around for over 100 years, and expect to be around for another 100 years,” said Smith.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to expand, and provide new customers with access to one of the largest cardlock fuel networks in Western Canada.”