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Positive, uplifting conversations encouraged at Weyburn business

It all started with signs around the salon encouraging staff and customers to avoid ‘COVID conversations, vaccination conversations and political conversations’.
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Tessa Dupuis, the owner of Tessa’s Beauty and Wellness, shows a large card of gratitude that was sent to the salon from Ontario, recognizing the fact that love, caring and kindness is being promoted at the business.

WEYBURN - In an effort to promote a safe, and supportive business environment, Tessa Dupuis made the decision to promote positive and uplifting conversations in her salon, Tessa’s Beauty and Wellness.

It all started with Dupuis putting up signs around the salon encouraging her staff and customers to avoid ‘COVID conversations, vaccination conversations and political conversations’.

“With the pandemic, and with the news about the pandemic, everything was very negative speaking and all the topics (of conversation) at the salon had turned into very negative, instead of it being a space where someone could recharge their batteries and enjoy some personal time. I decided to make this space free of the controversial topics of COVID, the vaccines and politics.”

“I hoped to bring back conversations of things that were more positive, like family, children, vacations, travel, concerts, art, and events in our community. All the things that bring us joy,” added Dupuis. “By doing that, it started something, and I have had an outpouring of positivity and support from other places, including other salons across Canada and the United States.”

As of Monday morning, over 99,000 people have connected with the Facebook post that Dupuis had made to the Tessa’s Beauty and Wellness page, which shared the sign that was posted in the salon.

“This could have been something that had a negative backlash, but we decided to go ahead and do it for ourselves, and the outcome has been very positive.”

Recently she received a large card of appreciation from a family in Apsley, Ontario. “It is a huge greeting card that includes their greetings, kindness and positive thinking. When I opened the card, there was a bunch of us in the salon, and it brought tears to our eyes because of the connection we had made,” said Dupuis.

“This small thing is something that has touched the heartstrings of people everywhere,” noted Dupuis. “Spreading kindness, joy and positivity is a movement that we need to do more often.”

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