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“Refurbishing is our passion” says Carlyle business

Business has been open for over a decade

CARLYLE - Glen and Patsy Craig, who are the parents of Donna Debusschere and Karen Lischka, collected antiques all their lives with Glen specializing in stripping wood furniture down to its original state.

Ten years ago, the two sisters decided to continue the family tradition adding a final stage of refinishing and repainting.

Another sibling, Gayle Wyatt, came up with the name and End Vision Refurbishing was born.

For over a decade, Debusschere and Lischka have attended countless auction sales and visited abandoned farmyards and barns throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Friends and relatives have dropped them off countless pieces of furniture and they have a virtually unlimited supply of product to either rejuvenate or alter back to its original state.

Said Debusschere: “From our childhood Karen and I have always relished the opportunity to refinish things. When we visit an old barn or farm house, an upcoming demolishment, or a closing out of business sale, we’re just like kids waking up Christmas morning. You just never know what treasure you’ll find.” 

The sisters are experts at refurbishing and use specialized stripping materials and paint.

“Chalk paint” is very expensive and some brands cost over $70 for a one litre jar. Added Lischka, “Our customers have very different tastes. Some like the furniture restored to its original state, some like it painted, and some like it looking distressed. We fully restore according to their wishes.” 

Debusschere and Lischka can restore anything and everything. Chairs, end tables, dressers, dining room tables, pianos, church pews, gramophones and even dumbwaiters. They have seen and done it all. They can convert an old dresser into a liquor cabinet, a kitchen cupboard into a baby changer.

Said Lischka: “So much good furniture is thrown out because it is no longer in style or the owner no longer feels that it goes with their décor. Change it up by painting and adding new hardware and it is amazing the difference it makes. Suddenly it is new and useful again. You just need imagination and a touch of creativity.” 

End Vision is developing a loyal clientele in southeast Saskatchewan and the business has had repeat customers from as far away as Maidstone and Brandon. They are located on the southeast side of Carlyle on Seventh Street East.

They have a good supply of various home decor and refurbished furniture for sale.

End Vision is fully open for the Dickens Village Festival weekend Dec. 4 and 5. They are also available virtually seven days a week, by phoning or texting Debusschere at 306-577-9844 or Lischka at 306-487-7793 for a prearranged appointment. Their Facebook page is End Vision Refurbishing. 


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