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Rodeo Dawg and Prairie Animal Health Centre a great tandem

Drs. Carol and Jeremy Ross have committed themselves to helping out pet owners, ranchers, farmers, equine sport enthusiasts and others in the southeast region for more than a decade.

Drs. Carol and Jeremy Ross have committed themselves to helping out pet owners, ranchers, farmers, equine sport enthusiasts and others in the southeast region for more than a decade.

They are both veterinarians and the owners of both Rodeo Dawg (pronounced Row-day-o Dog) and the Prairie Animal Health Centre (PAHC).

Rodeo Dawg, located at 501 Nesbitt Drive in Estevan, was opened under its current name on Nov. 14, 2015. The business initially opened in 2006 as part of the Cowtown chain of retail stores, and the Ross family remained with Cowtown until last year, when they decided to operate independently of the chain.

“We choose this name because rodeo means more than just the sport,” Jeremy and Carol stated in a write-up for the businesses. “Rodeo represents high end fashion like on ‘Rodeo Drive,’ used with motorcyclists for bike rallies, and is the Mexican word for gathering. All four of these things are represented at Rodeo Dawg.”

The PAHC is a vet clinic where the staff members use their expertise to tend to pets, horses, cattle and other animals.

The PAHC’s Estevan location is at 108 Breeze Street, which is off Highway 39 west of the city. The Prairie Pet Resort and Spa is located within the PAHC’s Estevan office.

They also own the PAHC in Weyburn at 416 Seventh Street West.

Rodeo Dawg employs five people, with Jennifer Warren serving as the store manager. The PAHC has 20 employees.

The mission statement for both businesses is simple: “To improve the quality of life and performance for animals and the families that depend on them.”

And while animal care is obviously the focus of PAHC’s operations, it’s also an important part of Rodeo Dawg.

“Rodeo Dawg provides veterinary quality products but in the convenience of a retail store,” their write-up states. “Estevan was in a need of a tack store, and equine performance is a passion for the Ross’.”

It is a store that meets the needs of pet owners, horse owners, ranchers and people who enjoy country life and quality fashion.

“Rodeo Dawg has denim, leather, boots, ladies fashion, men’s western shirts, pet food, pet supplies and tack. Rodeo Dawg also has jewelry, home décor and accessories like belts and scarves – even kids toys and children’s clothing.”

There are challenges associated with running the business, including competing with online businesses, and creating more understanding among pet owners, so that people know the difference between good nutrition and fads when it comes to feeding their pets.

Rodeo Dawg expects to continue to expand its tack and pet food selection in the next few years. They are also expanding their hours to better serve their customers.

Jeremy and Carol both grew up in a rural setting and embraced the country lifestyle. They believe that it makes good sense to be able to provide the veterinary care and the necessities for farm life, like work jeans, boots and ropes.

They also believe each business compliments the other.

Jeremy Ross grew up on the family ranch outside Estevan and graduated from veterinary school in 2002. He is past recipient of the award of distinction in Equine Welfare Excellence in Innovation from the Saskatchewan Horse Federation and Food Animal Council.

Carol Ross grew up on her family’s farm in Arrowwood, Alberta. She graduated from vet school in 2003. Her veterinary passions include orthopedic surgery and dentistry.

They opened the PAHC in 2003. At the time, it was known as Ross Veterinary Services.

When he’s not at work, Jeremy enjoys hunting, fishing and team roping. He actively competes in team roping throughout North America. Carol enjoys gardening and hockey in her spare time.