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Shopping local means a lot to the community as a whole

Businesses reflect on the importance of shopping locally at this time of year.
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It's important to shop locally at this time of year.

KIPLING - The debate is do people travel away to shop or shop locally?

The reality is that without local business and services in a community, there is often employment loss, lower property values and a decrease in overall service to residents. Although it may be necessary to travel for certain services not provided in the community, it is important to take advantage of those services that are available.

Local businesses support a stronger tax base within their own community. This in turn translates into possible development of new service and support of existing local services. Businesses offer local employment for some, as well as improvements in schools, health services, recreation and basic community services.

Entrepreneurs chose to offer their service within a certain community. This decision was made after careful consideration. They saw themselves as part of the local community. They chose to live and work there. They often buy property, raise their families and enjoy the other services available.

This is true of many small towns and villages. Kipling is no exception. There are over 50 businesses and services to be found in Kipling. With the holiday season here, businesses ask that you look at the services near you. Save the worry of travelling winter roads and the gas spent to get there. Many services are right around the corner.

Kipling Home Hardware’s Erin Walker raised the point by saying, “When you support local, local supports you.”

Pharmasave’s pharmacist Courtney Mish added, “Shopping local creates jobs close to home and helps our business support local groups and events, to ultimately strengthen our community.”