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Socks presented from Toasty Toes Drive to Estevan Salvation Army

A total of 587 pairs of socks were donated
Toasty Toes donation photo
From left, Estevan Salvation Army director of ministry Ronza Reynard, and King Street Chiropractic representatives Dr. Rebecca Holman, Dr. Trevor Erdie and Dr. David Peeace participated in the sock presentation.

ESTEVAN - Chiropractic offices across Saskatchewan took part in the fifth annual Toasty Toes Sock Drive.

King Street Chiropractic & Health Centre has been an active participant in this program since it started in 2016. The sock drive was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, and so the local office was very happy to hear that the program was back this year. And it turned out to be their best year for donations.

The community donated 587 pairs of socks to the sock drive. Many of the patients were bringing in socks daily, and there were larger contributions from some local organizations, such as the Estevan Bruins, the Estevan Firefighter's Association and the Benson Beef 4H Club.

All of these socks will be donated to the local Salvation Army.

Saskatchewan chiropractors hold the campaign each year because they believe nobody should have to suffer through the province’s coldest months without socks on their feet.

A press release for the campaign says socks are important for those trying to navigate the harsh winters in Saskatchewan. Agencies that support individuals and families with limited means can never have too many socks to distribute throughout the winter months.

Over the previous four years of this campaign, Saskatchewan chiropractors and their patients have collected over 67,000 pairs of socks. Those socks have been distributed to the Salvation Army, who distribute them throughout the province to people who need them the most.