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Stought’s Eatery in Stoughton has a new manager

New manager brings lots of experience to business.
Stoughts Eatery manager
Stought’s Eatery welcomes Maria Del Carmen as the new manager, while Julia Raynard is the assistant manager.

STOUGHTON - Businesses are struggling to get employees, and this was the case for Stought’s Eatery when they needed a new manager. 

Maria Del Carmen was living in Nova Scotia when one of the owners contacted her for the manager’s position at the restaurant. They knew each other from Mexico at her previous job. 

Del Carmen came from Mexico just over two years ago. She managed a resort in Puerto Vallarta, so she had the experience. 

She came to Canada with her son Jorge Luis, who is now 19 years old. He wanted to live in Canada, so Del Carmen started the lengthy paperwork process to make his dream come true. 

They packed their bags and moved across the provinces to reside in Stoughton. This was a substantial change from the Maritimes. 

Del Carmen and her son arrived July 1. She had hoped to have a week to settle into her new home, but this would not be the case. Del Carmen began work the following day. 

Julia Raynard is her assistant and has worked at Stought’s Eatery from the day it opened. 

Raynard lives in Stoughton with her two young daughters. 

They have adjusted the hours and open earlier to accommodate early workers. They also decided to remain open seven days a week. 

Del Carmen admits it is difficult to find staff and the business is constantly shorthanded, so Del Carmen is working long days and often every day.  

Upon receiving their certificate to bring in out-of-Canada workers, Del Carmen hopes this will ease the staff shortage. 

The menu will also see changes. They will bring in Mexican dishes and possibly Italian meals as well. There could also be surprises on the menu. 

Jorge Luis works at the restaurant as a server and will for the next year. After that he wishes to go to Saskatoon to become a sports broadcaster, either on the radio or television. 

Del Carmen is happy to be here. She is settling into her new home and routine, although admits she needs a car to get around more freely. 

“People are very friendly here and helpful,” said Del Carmen.