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The Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing in Carlyle helps people look and feel their best

Business provides lots of important services
Lotus Tree in Carlyle
The Lotus Tree is situated on Main Street in Carlyle.

CARLYLE - Although they are twins, they consider themselves to be the yin and yang of the Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing.

Brittany Dalziel and Briana Grimes own and operate The Lotus Tree on Main Street in Carlyle. Their two personalities complement each other both in life and in business. They recognize their business success relies on their unique and individual skills.

Briana’s cheerful vibe brings a light and friendly atmosphere to the business, while Brittany tends to bring a more yin calming energy. Both have their strengths and weaknesses

but when put together it is a recipe for success.

It becomes clear that the Lotus Tree was aptly named for both personal health care and well-being.

“Our internal environment is a direct reflection of our external environment and vice versa. We believe our health is deeply rooted in proper nutrition, what goes in our body becomes our body, every cell of our being is built upon this. We consider The Lotus Tree boutique to be the roots of our tree. The boutique offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line health care vitamins and supplements to help clients build a proper foundation so that their bodies have the ability to heal themselves.” 

“Each limb of our tree is unique to full body wellness. We know that chiropractic care, massage therapy, cupping massage, bio flex laser therapy, and osteopathy all work together on the body’s physical ailments. However, we also recognize how vast our internal universe is, and therefore how important a healthy mental mindset is for wellness. In fact, even the ability to overcome many physical ailments directly relies on this, which is why we are proud to also offer a registered psychologist.”

“Another limb of our tree is aesthetics services. We offer including pedicures, facials, body wraps and hair styling. All our skin care services use the eminence organics skin care line which is available for purchase in the Lotus Tree boutique. We know that your skin is your first line of defence, and what goes on your skin, also ends up in your body. Aesthetics services have long been thought of as a luxury. We want that to change. We want people to recognize how important it is to look after their skin, nourish their hair and scalp with a non-ammonia-based colour line and products that are free from chemicals. We also feel facials and foot care should be part of a healthy monthly wellness ritual. We want aesthetic services to be thought of as necessary aspects of a person’s wellness, not luxurious, while they may make you feel that way.” 

“Finally, the last limb of our tree is our yoga and Pilates classes. We know how many people are faithful with their workouts in the gym or at home, but often it seems the one missing link is a centred approach to uniting and rounding out their wellness with full body awareness. Taking time to be mindful of how their internal and external environments are affecting one another, taking time to be still, away from all of life’s distractions. And better yet taking the distractions out completely by coming to the ‘zen den’ at Lotus Tree, when everyone’s focus is on their highest level of self, it truly resonates.”

“The sense of community felt when entering Lotus Tree is what we are the most proud of. The ability to interact and be vulnerable, be seen, be heard, is the very crown of our tree. We believe there is something more than just coming to an appointment at Lotus Tree, when you walk in the door, you are not just another client, you are a friend, and we value that friendship.” 

“It is human nature to wait until we are broken to seek help. If we could use this year to turn inward and seek wellness from the inside out, our entire universe would be in harmony. Make this year, a year of self care.”

Meet the dream team that makes Lotus Tree a commendable business to have in Carlyle. 

“Dr. Brian Grassick has been coming to Lotus Tree since 2018 and is a great asset. He is easy to relate to and has a quiet, calm demeanor. On Tuesdays the building is buzzing with people booking in to see him. Dr. Grassick graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario in 1981 and has been practising ever since. Dr. Grassick focuses primarily on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as back and extremity pain, sciatica, headache and postural issues, in people of all ages.”

“Michael White has been working out of Lotus Tree since 2020. We are pleased to have his expertise and knowledge in the building. Michael completed the master of education degree in educational psychology in 2007 and he has been a registered psychologist with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (#751) since 2008. He holds an authorized practice endorsement (APE), which allows Michael to make a diagnosis. Michael offers assistance in stress management, including school stress, relationship difficulties (not marriage or family counselling), anxiety/depression, assertiveness, sexual/gender identity, child behaviour, learning disabilities/dyslexia, ADHD, childhood and adult trauma.” 

“Maureen Arthur has been a valuable part of Lotus Tree since 2016. She graduated with an advanced certificate in massage therapy in 2008, and was later introduced to low intensity laser therapy. She received her certification in it as well as her aging and cosmetic advanced certification. Maureen completed her facial technician training at the Style Academy in Regina in 2020; she also specializes in a wonderful cupping therapy treatment. Maureen has a way about her that is warm and inviting. We look forward to the laughs we share when she is here.”

“Katie Wilson graduated from the 2300 hr Registered Massage Therapy program at the Robertson College in Brandon, Manitoba. Katie returned to her roots and moved back to her hometown, Carlyle. She has been working out of Lotus Tree as a full-time registered massage therapist since 2021. Katie is eager to learn, she is always thinking of the best treatment approach for each individual client. She loves working with all sorts of musculoskeletal concerns. She has a passion for treating upper back tension and headaches with trigger point therapy technique. We love the positive upbeat vibe Katie brings to Lotus Tree.”

“ReAnna Wanner has been with Lotus Tree since graduating from the advanced aesthetics program at the Style Academy in September of 2016. She recently received her E3 certification with Eminence Organic Skin Care and incorporates these products into all her spa services. She loves Eminence because of its simplicity and the use of all natural, organic fruits and vegetables with no chemical pesticides or preservatives! ReAnna brings a fun-loving and care-free vibe. Her clients always leave feeling positive and relaxed.”

“Tannis Keeley relocated from Whitewood to offer hair styling services. She is a breath of fresh air, having previously owned and operated her own salons. She brings a lot of knowledge and a fun spunk to the building. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry, loves the one-on one atmosphere, giving her clients exactly what they want. Tannis uses a non-ammonia based colour line and styling products that are free from chemicals.”

“Lotus Tree Studio offers a variety of classes. We have some fabulous instructors that create a safe encouraging environment. Chelsie Cameron, Nicole Shirley and Ashley McAllister. These three young ladies are enthusiastic about every class they teach, and we hope to add more times and days in the future.”