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Town Council encourages residents to mark Arts Council 40th anniversary

The Assiniboia Arts Council will mark their 40th anniversary on Thursday, November 4.
Town Council for Assiniboia

ASSINIBOIA - A council meeting for the Town of Assiniboia was held on October 12. In attendance for the meeting was: Mayor Sharon Schauenberg; Kerri Martin, executive assistant; Clint Mauthe, chief admin officer; and Councilors Peter Kordus, Graham Harvey, Patrick Grondin, Kent Fettes, and Robert Ellert.

The agenda was accepted and adopted by Grondin and Fettes. Public acknowledgments were given to Tom Stanley and Assiniboia Times for attending the meeting.

All minutes from the board meetings were adopted as read. The regular council meeting, finance and administrative, planning and Economic Development Committee, and reports from Prince of Wales and the Museum board were motioned by Fettes and Ellert.

The Assiniboia Arts Council will mark their 40th anniversary on Thursday, November 4. Council proclaimed a special day in observance of the anniversary. Residents were encouraged to attend a free concert to be held at the Prince of Wales that is open to everyone.

All correspondence was accepted. Motioned by Fettes and Kordus.

During the CAO report, council acknowledged the six-month anniversary of Clint Mauthe serving as CAO in Assiniboia.

He will be attending a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture.

There was floor discussion on proposed new subdivision in town on Seventh Avenue West. Storm sewers are in place but no other utilities. This was tabled until further checking will be done into this.

There were reports that two employees have left employment from Public Works. There was an EMO meeting scheduled for October 13.

List of paid accounts was presented. Accepted as read, with a motion to accept by Fettes, Harvey.

There was floor discussion of tendering out the Audit of Town Books in future years.

Council Presentations:

Kordus: Attended Museum meeting. They are very short of storage space. The hope is to reuse the ice surface and glass walls as an outdoor rink.

Also attended the Fire Hall pancake breakfast, which was well attended. The fire hall is open to the public who would like to visit anytime there is someone there.

Harvey: attended the POW meeting. They continue with status quo.

Fettes: Attended Regional Park Meeting. Planning for next season is ongoing.

Ellert: has been approached by several citizens commenting on the improvements they are seeing in the town. The sidewalk repairs will continue next summer.  Paving crews will be lined up for next year’s projects.

Schauenberg: Attended several meetings, including Chamber of Commerce, health care, Comfort Jubilee, Strategic Planning, and the RCMP, who are still working on the Citizen on Patrol concept. The Mayor will attend the upcoming SUMA Convention in Regina, to be held April 3-6. 

There was no unfinished business to cover.

New Business: Bylaw 02/14 amendment given first reading. Motioned by Ellert/Kordus. Business License bylaw amendment was given all readings.

The Fees in Charges bylaw amendment was given all readings. Temporary Road Closure request from Apostolic Church for a function at the end of October passed. Town crew will pick up the barriers used after the weekend.    Motioned by Fettes/ Ellert.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 25, 2021.