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Two Safe-Teas events were well attended in Assiniboia

Barbara Compton, president of Safe and Healthy Communities, brought in the Safe-Teas to Assiniboia.

ASSINIBOIA - A good turn out attended two Safe-Tea events at Club 55 in Assiniboia, held on June 24.

The morning session was a one-hour presentation on Fall Prevention in which Amanda Wood, Community Relations Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Safety Council of Regina, taught the group using their Fall Prevention brochure, which goes through different areas in your home to identify and control hazards that can cause a fall. “During this session, we went over each area outlined in the brochure. We also discussed mental health, and why it is important to stay active and eat well,” said Amanda.

The afternoon Safe-Tea was a one-hour presentation on Fraud Prevention. “We went over safety tips on how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. We discussed the red flags to watch for, how to trust your instincts, and go over the top scams that are happening in our province, especially with older adults.”

“Our two Safe-Tea events that took place on June 24th were spectacular. The groups at both sessions were engaged, interactive, and had lots to share. They shared personal experiences, and how valuable the information was. At the end of each session, we had several questions and a great group discussion.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Barbara Compton, president of Safe and Healthy Communities, brought in the Safe-Teas to Assiniboia. She explained a little about how Safe and Healthy Communities works. “It is a newly formed registered charity made up of volunteers that work to promote safety, manage risks, and create awareness around injury prevention. Donation support allows the organization to continue improving our community.”

“Safe and Healthy Community” goals are to: 
1. Promote health by educating adults and children with regards to safe and preventative practices. 
2. Promote mental health by providing education and support for programs.
3. Promote health by providing programs for at-risk groups

“We arranged for Amanda Wood from Saskatchewan Safety Council Regina as well as local RCMP to present information on prevention of "Slips, Trips and Falls" and "Scam and Fraud Prevention" to seniors. 

Their interactive sessions focus on Transportation Safety, Fall Protection, School Program and Substance Use.

For additional information please visit website at

Safe-Tea events began in 2019. An interactive, informative speaker series was developed to those interested in learning about injury prevention topics in a group setting. “As a group, we sip tea, as we talk about injury prevention safety topics,” said Amanda.

Currently, there are three Safe-Tea topics available:

  • Fall Prevention
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Overview of the Mature Driver Refresher Course (review of medication and driving, sign recognition, road conditions, traffic light review, and distracted driving)

The statistics show that older adults are at high risk for falling injuries, they are also targeted and at high risk for becoming victims of fraud, and for many older adults, the last driving course that was completed was when they got their license. These topics are strictly informative information to help reduce injuries and provide information. The Safe-Tea presentations are interactive, and we encourage group discussions, as we learn together. A Safe-Tea can also be delivered as a Teams virtual webinar.

Saskatchewan Safety Council is a non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to the prevention of injuries in Saskatchewan. It was established in 1955 and provides injury prevention services, resources, and training to all ages across Saskatchewan.

The revenues generated through donations, membership contributions, sponsorships, and grants for the Safety Council are invested within the province of Saskatchewan to further promote safety.

Safe-Tea’s are one of many services that the Saskatchewan Safety Council offers. Every community can host a Safe-Tea. Reach out to  or call their office at 306-757-3197 to inquire about a Safe-Tea today.